Editor’s Desk: Seeing A New Star Wars Movie Today And I’m Not Excited

Anyone who knows just about anything about me knows that I am and always have been a Star Wars FREAK. My earliest childhood memory is of my mom taking me to see the first Star Wars for the very first time. I was too young to have vivid memories, but I can still remember the sensations, the feelings, the awe and the wonder. It was Star Wars that started my love affair with the movies that continues on to this day (and is even now my job).

I still remember as a child hearing that there was going to be ANOTHER Star Wars movie. Holy crap… I had never conceived of a “sequel” at that age. To me, this was the greatest news in the history of mankind. All I could think about was if Chewy was going to have a wife or if Darth Vader would be back as the bad guy (these are the things a 7 year old thinks about). I named my first cat “Luke Skywalker”. I had Star Wars bed sheets and I was the only kid around who could tell you how many rebel ships attacked the first Death Star (it was 30 by the way).

My obsession continued on into adulthood, watching the trilogy at least 3 times a year. When “The Phantom Menace” came out, I drove 1000 miles so I could see it for the first time at a movie theater that was better than the one in the city I was living in at the time (no, I’m not kidding) and even though I was driving to Toronto to see it, I still camped out in the Saskatoon cold with some friends to buy tickets… even though I wasn’t going to be buying any… I just wanted the experience of being in the line.

My first amateur movie that I was involved in was a Star Wars fan film that crossed The Phantom Menace with The Godfather called “Rise of the Tradiz” which played at the Star Wars Celebration convention in Indianapolis. From the convention, I drove almost 2000 miles to Edmonton Alberta to see an advance screening of “Attack of the Clones”.

The point here is that I’m clearly a Star Wars maniac.

The other day I got an invitation to attend the world premiere of the newest Star Wars film, “Star Wars: The Clone Wars”, here in Hollywood. Actually, I’m leaving in about an hour to head over there. Here’s the strange thing, about 20 minutes ago a shocking thing struck me… I’m not excited about going to see it.

Me, the Star Wars fanatic. The guy who drove a thousand miles just to see a Star Wars movie on a bigger screen, and then drove almost 2000 miles just to see it a week before it came out. The guy who named his pets after Star Wars characters and whose earliest memory is of Star Wars. I’M NOT EXCITED ABOUT SEEING A NEW STAR WARS MOVIE!?!?!?!


I doubt it. I actually love animated films from 2d to 3d and beyond, I always have.


I doubt it. I actually really liked (not loved) “Revenge of the Sith”, and when I’m a fan of something, I tend to be a fan of it for life. Hell, the Toronto Maple Leafs have been a disgrace for as long as I’ve been alive, but I still bleed Blue and White baby and would jump at the chance to see them play anytime, any place!


This MIGHT be it. I’ve always thought if they were going to do a new movie (animated or otherwise) it should either be between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope, or after the events of Return of the Jedi. But still… can a little thing like time line choice alone derail my Star Wars fanaticism?

So here we are… about an hour away from me leaving my place to fulfill one of my minor dreams… attending an actual Star Wars Premiere… and yet I’m not pumped. I’m not jumping out of my skin. To be honest I’m more looking forward to going to play poker with SoulVideo and Kris Tapley tonight… and that shouldn’t be the case!

Do you guys have any thoughts or theories as to why someone like me, a rabid Star Wars fan, wouldn’t be completely pumped about seeing the premiere of a new Star Wars flick?

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76 thoughts on “Editor’s Desk: Seeing A New Star Wars Movie Today And I’m Not Excited

  1. rawrodrigo you’re hating on the person, not the product. A product that clearly has lost the love. The edge. The willingness to be something beyond a money making machine. Which is fine. That just means that it sucks. Yes that’s rather obtuse of me, but that’s the point.

    If everyone was like me then we’d have a much better star wars franchise. There would be some visionary director and maybe a reboot bc it’s fashionable (gasp!) and wow look at Nolan’s batman and just think of the potential. No, not nolanwars.

    And it is a tv show. Not a movie.

    Like everyone else, I still have my hopes up for the live action series.

    Just like you, your rawness ;)

  2. Why? It’s because star wars has no more interesting story line to transmit to the audience. We saw in the movies how Darth Vader grew up, gets corrupted and then dies. Now there is nothing more to expect from that. The plot line is perfect and there is nothing to add to it.
    Lucas has already put an end to that story. We all know how it all starts, how it develops and how it ends. A movie that excite the audience would be a one which happens after episode VI, where we could see new star wars, new characters with new twists and problems to solve. Lucas can create new movies and “overlap” them onto those 6 episodes, but it will all be like a “supplement” = nothing-to-hype-for.

    I don’t expect that another revolutionary star wars film will be created…

  3. The animation looks horrible and the story looks like yet another one of Lucas’s bomb fests.
    Hopefully people will stay away but I won’t count on it.
    You still got the people who thought the prequels were good…and they weren’t.

  4. Like John i saw episode 4 as a small child and i was completely captivated by the whole star wars mythos. Hell i even know Vader’s theme by heart. That being said, contrary to popular opinion about the prequel movies sucking…..i happen to love them(everything except Jar-Jar..he was annoying). i just love the entire star wars universe. Big fan of the graphic novels. However, i do believe if they were going to do a flick set during the Clone Wars they could have focused on other Jedi instead Obi-Wan and Anakin. So i will see The Clone Wars but maybe next time(if there is a next time) i’d like to see a flick about Han and Leia’s twins Jacin and Jaina. Their story is awesome.

  5. Lucas lost the recipe after E3. It has been all icing and no cake since then.

    George’s Original Recipe:

    1. ICONIC Character’s & Dialog (Han Solo etc…)
    2. Tight action sequences
    3. Simple, myth-like storyline (no politics!)
    4. DIRTY & BUSTED Space Ships (Falcon etc…)

    Firefly had most of this right in recent memory…

  6. I think many Star Wars fans are in this state of flux with the whole series anyway. Or George Lucas can come up with more material that’s post-prequel, I.e. episodes 7,8,9, or he just gives up altogether. The books that I’ve read, which have been many including original series novelizations of the movies, were very detailed, and very thick. Not to mention that the books from someone who comes from a literature background/creative writing background, are very intense. Let me tell you though, action is hard to put down on paper. Its much easier to animate or put into physical movements. Writing action can be a real pain in fact, and its very hard to do right because someone will always nitpick. All in all though if someone does action right, you just keep right on reading the whole story. Emotional tension + action and you have a good mix.

  7. I am excited about Clone Wars just because it brings the Expanded Universe to screen. The EU is virtually endless — that’s what I like about it, you can never exhaust the EU. So I hope Clone Wars does well and I can look forward to seeing Thrawn, Dark Nest, etc., for the rest of my life. But if it flops you’ll never see Thrawn or New Jedi Order.

    I wouldn’t even compare Clone Wars to Episodes I-VI. It’s Expanded Universe. I don’t think Lucas could gateway into the Expanded Universe on film with unfamiliar characters to the mass audience.

    Anyway, to answer your question, maybe you’re not excited because you’re thinking in terms of Ep. I-VI, rather than a visual gateway into EU.

  8. When I say I would like to see it as a live action movie, I really mean I would be willing to settle for a well made TV mini-series (a non cheesy TV made movie). Especially since most of the people and events I mentioned happens in the extended universe (non-canon) material. The only people from the list above that is even half way close to being canon is Darth Bane (Dessel) and Darth Ruin (Phanius) for being almost apart of the back story in the prequels ( the part of George Lucas notes) and Darth Plagueis for getting a honorable mention from Darth Sidious (Palpatine) in Esp III. The reasoning behind mentioning the other people and events from the extended universe is I would like to see: cool and ruthless Sith lords in power, a Wookie Jedi, and bunches and bunches of Jedi and Sith fighting one another in a war. If “non-canon” stuff gets made I rather have it as a mini-series than a movie release in theaters. I don’t know why clone wars was…it more or less a pilot episode premiering on the big screen.

  9. I read SHadow of the Empire…Good book. Xizor was a good villain, BUT…

    Introducing Black Sun now would confuse a lot of people.

    I would like to see a live action series with Nal Hutta the focus with Han and Chewie showing up once in a while? Or at least mentioned in the background…This would take place in the same time period as the proposed one, but keep better continuity as well as allowing ANY stories to be done.

  10. It’s the original 4,5,6,1,2,3,7,8,9 idea I would like to see.

    I would like to see the following come to life in a live action movie:

    SITH:Exar Kun, Xanatos, Darth Bane (Dessel), Darth Plagueis, Darth Revan, Darth Nihilus, Darth Ruin (Phanius)

    JEDI: Tyvokka, many more old republic jedi

    WARS: Great Hyperspace War, Great Sith War, Mandalorian Wars, Jedi Civil War, Stark Hyperspace War

  11. HappyBob >>> the Live Action series has also been confirmed to be in between the 3rd and 4th movies…


    Which is EXACTLY the problem…My other problem with GL is he has established canon and still wants to micromanage every aspect of the universe.

    Does anyone NOT want to see Thrawn on the Big Screen?

    The Thrawn trilogy itself would’ve EASILY been better than TPM, AOTC, and ROTS.

    My opinion of GL since 1998: is summed up best by the quote:(You’ve heard of Plato, Aristotle, Socrates? Morons…)

    Lastly, when we heard Luke talk about the Clone Wars in ANH, didn’t most of us think about cloned heroes and Jedi? Not a bunch of Jango Fetts and droids…

  12. From what I can recollect and have been lead to believe: George Lucas wrote all 9 episodes back in th 70’s wanting to releasing them 4,5,6,1,2,3,7,8,9. To my understanding he has two basic story lines: Anakin’s and Luke’s. Anakin and Luke’s story lines cross paths in 4,5,6 so start there. Then jump back and tell the back story of Anakin. Then jump to the future and tell what happens after the fall of the Epmire. This was the original plan but Lucas is getting old and doesn’t want to pass the torch. So what dose he do? Expands the universe by fill in the gap between 2 and 3 saying the Clone War lasted for so long and there are many more adventure left to be told…hints the spin off to TV.

  13. Anybody remember the book Shadows of the Empire? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Star_Wars:_Shadows_of_the_Empire
    It took place between empire strikes back and return of the jedi.

    I remember reading it a long time ago and it was alright, interesting but a bit of a chore to finish but I’d say it added some layers to some of the characters particularly Leia. I found it quite amusing when she remembers Hans’ last words before being frozen in carbonite when she professes her love to Han only for him to reply with, “I know.” And she’s all like, “WTF does that mean?”

    I wonder how star wars fans perceived that interquel at the time. It’s kind of analogous to this clone wars interquel.

  14. If Lucas wants to excite fans with animation, why not make a new story. I agree with others comments that rehashing the Clone Wars was stupid, we already know what happened to all the characters in that. In some of the older Star Wars comics I have read, the adventures almost feel like the old west. Especially Chewy and Han Solo traveling from space port to space port finding goods to transport and such, encountering unsavory individuals, and righting wrongs.

    There is so much to draw off of in the Star Wars Universe, did we really need a rehashed storyline for a Clone Wars movie?

    Damned disappointing indeed!

  15. How about because the movie looks absolutely terrible and now that your a grown man you can see that star wars is marketed heavily towards kids. You know how good it can be, but never again will be. Id say because it makes you feel like a kid watching a knock of version of something you love.

  16. I just watched attack of the clones for the third time yesterday, after I saw Return of The Jedi. I don’t want to compared the two of them, but the last three installments of Star Wars looks like a movie who doesn’t want to be serious. It lost the magic Lucas put on the early 70’s trilogy. It just plain boring. I hope Lucas won’t make some mistakes with The Clone Wars…

  17. I find your lack of faith disturbing.

    Droids vs. Clones
    I know it doesn’t look Good but the fire power & the spectacular battle array is quite smthng

    also,I suggest Lucas focus on the time of The New republic & LeAVE THE oLD REPUBLIC eRA.

  18. Just while we are talking about star wars Attack of the Clones has to be the worst of the series. Its unwatchable.

    TPM has its (huge) problems as does ROTS but Clones is so pointless. The effects are awful and the acting unbearable.

  19. Its only because of the other movies happened to you. You lived the first one without expectations and then the others with the excitement of the sotry. But this one just came upon your door, there was no effort in it, so its not exciting at all. Besides, i thinks its marketed for children who dont know the series so they can get involved. Don’t feel bad for not being excited, its just not that exciting.

  20. John – I was hoping there were others out there who were also not freakin pumped to go see it. For me, it’s this; I know what’s going to happen. Show me something after Return Of The Jedi. But that’s just me. So I’m not pumped to see it. Will I see it? Absolutely! Will I be watering at the mouth? Nay

  21. John I know the reason you’re not excited to see The Clone Wars film. The franchise isn’t moving forward. There’s a bunch of characters that you know are going to die. It doesn’t matter if Count Dooku or some new Sith character you know who isn’t going to make it or get away at the end. It doesn’t matter what the plot is, it probably has to with count dooku keeping the Death Star plans safe while Anakin deals with his inner demons. Mean while Palpatine controls thing from behind the scenes (I don’t what the plot is but if I’m correct please tell me.) Until Lucas starts making movies that take place after Jedi there’s no reason for anyone to waste a dime on any film.

  22. I’m not seeing this. The film has some pretty cool animation, but the film has some terrible marketing, and the dialogue in the trailers sucks. It kinda sucks that the original Star Wars was a masterpiece, whereas the prequel weren’t nearly as good (Didn’t hate Ep. 1 or 2, but for God’s sake, Jar Jar?). I just think it’ll end up being bad. I think I’ll wait till DVD

  23. I’d say timing has a lot to do with it too. If they would release a new Firefly or Harry Potter movie now it really wouldn’t be that exciting because it’s the summer of superheroes.

    These things go in phases so maybe if they set it around the same time as the next Star Trek movie it would be more exciting. But for most then Sci-Fi is out of season.

  24. Im a Star Wars fan myself and i just watched Clone Wars 2 day ago…believe me your feelings are right, its nothing special. Not bad, but as soon as the movie is over you’ll forget it because its nothing special. By the way, that new charakter Ahsoka was SO annoying! What did u thing of her ?

  25. Its pretty clear why not many people are excited about seeing the clone wars.

    1. Episodes I-III were shit.
    2. It takes place in between episodes II and III.
    3. Its basicly just a pilot for the animated show.
    4. They only got a few of the actors to do voices for this movie/ tv pilot.

  26. well had the chance of screening this and even though it wasnt bad i hated it cause the little tidbits of useless star wars knowledge u get is just rehashed crap…..really i dont even care about the stupid video game either…lucas is setting the star wars universe back a thousand years….can we atleast have a movie about the twins…that would be a good start…not crap that really has no effect on the future…we allready know what happens…and please no more cartoons…we are not children we want epic real people!


  28. I would rather have an animated Thrawn Trilogy, take the series somewhere new, dont rehash something we have already seen. All that said, ill go watch it, Tropic Thunder is 1st on my list for this coming weekend but Star Wars will be seen.

  29. If it makes you feel any better John, I feel the exact same way. Im a HUGE star wars fan yet I cannot seem to find any sort of excitement or anticipation for this film. I agree about doing a film between 3 and 4 and personally i dont see any reason why lucas couldnt or shouldnt. The multimedia blitz also known as the FORCE UNLEASHED will be upon us in september. It has everything you’d expect of a star wars movie. toys, comics, novels, a game, etc minus one important thing. an actual movie. If you havent seen the trailer for the game do so as soon as you can. i dare say it looks better than all 3 prequels combined. Featureing a full cast of actorsgiving not only their voice but apearence as well, it bothers me that George decided to do this ridiculous animated film instead of a live action movie of the force unleashed. trust me, once youve seen the game trailer you’ll understand. this could have been lucas’s redeming flick. yet he chose to make a cartoon instead. it hurts me to think how far he’s fallen.

  30. (My top 5 reasons to BOYCOTT this Star Wars cartoon) John, I think its starting to hit you that this really is a huge waste of time. ??

    1_ This looks visually horrible.

    2_ The dialog is the same ole “I have a bad feeling about this” fluff that we’ve heard in all the films. In the trailer you can hear every single line except one is taken from the previous films.
    3_ Clones clones and more clones. Too much about the clones. We all grew to dispise them after Order 66 now were supposed to cheer for them ???

    4_ Voice over work seems thrown together, and the story also seems thrown together.

    5_ I want to see a live-action Star Wars episode 7, before I die !!!!! This is a huge step backward for oldschool fans.

  31. My big concern about this movie is that it’s literally a children’s TV pilot, adapted to the big screen late in the process. On the small screen, a show of that scale and budget is very impressive. It’s cinematic, but put it in a cinema and it loses that novelty appeal.

    Now it’s a “movie”, and it will be judged as such. I’d be far more comfortable with the idea if it were more widely promoted as the launch of a series. As it is, it’s going to come under (largely unnecessary) fire from casual moviegoers asking “why?”

    Another problem: Star Wars enthusiasts also have every reason to ask that question. As a fan of the Expanded Universe and original Clone Wars animated series, I’ve watched, read and played some many very memorable adventures set in this time period. Sure, you can tell any number of stories against the backdrop of the war, but it’s all very familiar territory.

    I’m expecting a fun kids’ movie, and I’m sure it will be exactly that.

    John, I’m sure you’ll recover some enthusiasm come the post-Episode III live action series, which, I’m sure you’ll agree, has far more artistic merit in existing.

  32. Maybe it’s because john becoming a famous movie blogger and getting invited to free screenings has sucked all the “geek” out of him. He’s too cool for us now, mingling with dem big money hollywood types.

    Or is it because there was already a tv series http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Star_Wars:_Clone_Wars_(TV_Series) which wasn’t really that interesting or exciting.

    I think the prequel episodes introduced memorable characters comparable to luke, leia and han but the story was just poorly conceived/executed (particularly the obligatory love story which was painfully shoehorned into it) with more effort going into the great visuals. The movies aren’t extremely bad by any means (well except maybe the second one) but just underwhelming compared to the original trilogy.

    I won’t be seeing this clone wars movie…as already mentioned what we want to see is what happens between eps 3 and 4 or after ep 6.

  33. I see no reason to continue telling stories that start out being painted into a corner. This should either be post-ROTJ or pre-TPM like Kinghts of the Old Republic or something. Until we see something like that, I wont get too amped.

  34. Personally, I have just been trying to forget the movies 1-3 even exist. I actually kinda enjoyed the first movie since Liam Neeson was in it. Making an animated movie reminding me of this was not good. When I think of Star Wars I think of Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Princess Leah.

    The whole thing that ruined movies 2-3 for me was Hayden Christensen, sorry his acting was not good. Just despised him, and now you make another animated movie with his character in it! bleh

  35. I’m a huge Star Wars nut too, I’m really looking forward to seeing Clone Wars, BUT…. Especially if you follow The novels or comics or anything else… This movie is a DO OVER. The Clone Wars were a complete mess the first time. Asajj Ventress died 3 different times, once in the novels, once in the comics and once in the Gendy cartoon, and we’re not even counting the video games. (Well Paul, Star Wars is a big cash cow…. whatever. Refer to John’s comments above..) The Clone Wars were mythic, and once fueled our imaginations, and they got filled in… regardless of how much you love or hate the prequels, what went in between those two movies, wasn’t even as good as the parts in the movies. There was no singular cohesive vision for the clone wars. Not a bit of the Tolkien like sense of history and place needed to convey them, to make them something mythic in our imaginations again. And if you didn’t follow EU, then they were nothing to you. You might look at that trailer and have no idea who Asajj Ventress even is. The worst prospect is if you come away from this movie, and still don’t know who she is, aside form bad chick with red lightsaber. I really want to see a definitive version of the clone wars. Of course, if this style of budget animation is acceptable for Star Wars big screen consumption, then maybe they can give us the Thrawn trilogy… or Shadows of The Empire, just to be completely against the original point of Shadows of the Empire.

  36. To me this one seems like Lucas is the follower not the leader of the premise. Its like a remake of Genndy Tartakovsky’s work, which is in turn derived from Lucas, its like photocopying a photocopy and getting diminishing returns. Even down to taking Tartakovsky’s stylised drawn animation and glossing it up with a coat of pixels.

  37. I can’t speak for you John, but for me it’s mostly about time period. Although now that everybody else has pointed it out, the hype really is a factor as well.

    I understand why the decided to release it, it’s a great way for the entire TV series’ budget to be paid for in one shot, so no matter how it does on TV you don’t have to really worry about the show getting good ratings to attracting sponsors because it’s all paid for. This means that creatively you can do whatever you want and not worry about the reaction to it causing you to have to cut it short or change your direction

    My main issue with it is that I think this timeline is pointless, it’s like Phil Gee said above…..why would I pay to see a bridge movie where I know what happens both before and after and I know what ends up happening to all the characters??? I’m certainly not going to get attached to anybody new because they will end up dead before Ep 3.

    doing this timeline really ties the creators hands….maybe that’s a safety net for Lucas, if it fails he can say, “what could I have done, it’s a bridge story???” but for me, it’s boring…..especially when there is so much of the Star Wars universe left unexplored. What happened after Endor?? How did the rebellion really turn from a bunch of upset senators into an army? Maybe the live action series will be more interesting but to me, this clone wars series just seems like a lazy rehash.

    The more I think about it though, it is the hype that is at least for me, killing the excitement. I’m a geek, I know I’ll be there opening night but I almost have the same feeling I did when I went to see X-files 2……”this just isn’t the same, and it’s not going to do much to really forward the story of these characters, in fact, it will probably just screw it up”

    With all the other Star Wars movies, the hype machine got you excited, there were interviews and clips and Yoda on pepsi cans and all kinds of things to make it feel like this was the biggest event ever. With this, I feel like the Lucas hype machine is saying, “It is what it is, don’t get too excited” rather than “this is awesome” like they did with everything else. They’re probably doing this on purpose because it might not be successful, and if it’s not they don’t want it to be seen as a flop. Then they’ll just say, “it was 3 episodes of a TV series what did you expect??”

    Just like with X-files….I want to believe, but they aren’t giving me a whole lot of reason to……that’s why I’m not excited, but I’m sure you’ll figure out why you aren’t on your own John, we all have our own reasons to feel the way we do about this movie.

    But that’s just my opinion, I could be wrong :)

  38. Fellow TMB posters…The reason that SW was so good in the first place is why no one is truly excited for this version. The suspense i gone. Since we know that Anakin, Obi-Wan and the rest of the crew will make it through these times.

    Wha happened to the twists? DV “I am Your Father”…

    This is why they shouldv’e just continued the saga with Eps 7,8,9…

    We love the original characters and want to know wha happened to them! Not F’ing Jar Jar…(Mace Windu was about the only character in the Prequels I liked)

  39. who honestly still cares for this series besides the die hards….i think the star wars franchise is overrated, the original trilogy is only saved by special effects and empire. but i did enjoy episode 3, but the normal movie going public is tired of star wars. come on now a movie that branches two prequel (or sequels) to a trilogy….come on george, i hope this bombs so we wont have to see another over-hyped spectacle

  40. Could it be that the animated element makes it feel (even though it isn’t) like less of an “official” Star Wars movie and more like a general homage to the Star Wars films?

  41. I think you hit the nail on the head about it being an interquel. We already know how the story begins and ends, and we even have a good gist of what happened in-between. So now we’re getting another in-between story, but there’s nothing about it to spark our imaginations this time. Especially since there’s already been a Clone Wars TV show that’s already shown us what to expect.

    I’m mostly turned off by the fact that all the characters look like game models, with only two facial expressions (mouth open and mouth closed. Three if you count blinking.) It looks creepy to me.

  42. I am thinking the lack of excitment, for me, is partly because of the huge let down Indian Jones was. I really dug the Clone Wars shorts but after the crapfest that was Indian Jones it’s hard to get your hopes up.

  43. Because the only thing that looks worse than the animation and not! Yoda’s voice is the story and dialogue?

    I was supposed to see an early screening of it this morning, but I’m so not enthused about this, I just went back to bed.

  44. Darek:

    You like the prequels better then the originals? I mean I’m all for respecting people’s opinions, but what kind of crack have you been smoking?

  45. i think it’s entirely possible that the time period that this is taking place is what is making you not excited for it. i mean the time period of the prequels is one of the reasons that i like them better then the originals.

  46. theres no hype for this movie. i remember when episode 1 was coming out, the hype was crazy. actually, that hype is the reason im a star wars fan now. before episode 1 came out i knew nothing about star wars so i rented the original trilogy & it was absolutely awesome. so the crap that is episode 1 actually made me a fan of something that is much greater.

    so i think the reason theres no hype for this is because this new movie is just uncalled for. a lot of the actor aren’t returning & some of the trailers make it look really childish….

    when the original trilogy gets re release in 3-d then there will be hype…

  47. Well i can’t speak for you John but there are three simple reasons I’m not interested in seeing it:

    1) The Clone Wars are boring (to me).

    2) Nothing about the animation or the action looks particularly great and that’s what this film is going to hinge on.

    3) Not only do I find the Clone Wars boring but why would I want to see a ‘bridge’ movie where I already know what happens to every single character (and it happens in other movies)?

    I can’t wait for your review though.

  48. just because someone says that a movie sucks doesnt make them retarded. i think star treck sucks hard balls but i cant tell you why..i cant put my finger on it but i think star treck sucks period….and that doesnt make me ratarded. i love star wars but star treck is stupid. if thats MY opinion and if you think having an opinion makes someone retarded then i cant believe how you havent died yet from a fatal accident.

    really? wow i had no idea…ive always thought they were all pg-13…

  49. I’m getting the same feeling from everybody I know. No one is remotely excited about this movie (except me because I love love love the visual style). I guess Star Wars is just getting old – it has been three years since they wrapped up the series.

  50. I’ll tell you what it is…maybe it’s true, maybe it’s not. The EXCITEMENT is over. You know when we waited for the next star wars movie, it was a big event. It was part of a bigger picture that was the main saga. But in a way this isn’t really anymore a big event than say a normal film. This wasn’t hyped like a big event film like say REVENGE OF THE SITH was. This is just the pilot of a series, that they thought would be nice to see in theaters instead of simply on the TV. Sure it’ll be nice, and you may come out of this liking it. But in the end, this wasn’t as BIG as the others.

  51. HecticStairs…

    Star Wars SUCKS? Film is Subjective, but SUCKS? No Way.

    Raw Rodrigo…

    It was originally produced as three episodes of an upcoming TV series, so in a way, it is part of a TV show.

  52. Hey Timbo1138

    You said:

    “This thing on the other hand is just a cash-grab”

    The thing is though… ALL MOVIES ARE A CASH GRAB. Anyone who tells you differently is naive or lying.

  53. i love all starwars movie but this one sucks because it looks dumb. the star wars movies always looked amazing but this just basterdizes the rest of them

    im a fan and i dont even want to see it because its animated and i think its PG

    hope you like it anyways

  54. HECTICSTAIRS…wow I dont even know what to say, it hurts me how fucking retarded you are. First off its not a “tv show”. It’s a fucking MOVIE. A FILM. That’s why you can see it in THEATRES. Second, just stating “because Star Wars sucks” really shows how ignorant you are, if thats you’re opinion, fine, but at least back it up, you child.

    Anyways John, believe me, I feel even worse then you. Im a massive Star Wars fan, but this Clone Wars movie feels more like a cheap spin-off then an actual Star Wars film, that could be a reason. It doesn’t have that epic Star Wars feel. And that’s not because it’s animated. Frankly, it looks uninteresting. The voice acting seems terrible, the animation and movement in the CGI characters looks bad, the art looks bleak.

    I think this is going to be the first Star Wars movie that doesn’t become a huge box office triumph. It doesn’t seem directed towards children, and it doesn’t seem directed towards mature audiences. I think it’s safe to say it’ll fail hard.

  55. Maybe you’re like me and you’re tired of Lucas raping your childhood memories to feed the marketing machine. What actually killed my love of Star Wars was the new Indiana Jones, because that finally made me realize that Lucas has no respect for ANY of his fans anymore, not just the die-hards. I’m done giving him my money.

  56. (Type your comment here. Make sure you’ve read the commenting rulebefore doing so)you’re not looking forward to it because you’re not with any of the usual gaggle of geeks

  57. maybe it’s because star wars sucks. plus this movie premiere isn’t as big as other star wars movie premieres in that it’s still a tv show. not a real movie.

    still waiting to see it though. it should be way better than the prequel films. i’ve seen better acting from a piece of cardboard stapled to a can of paint.

  58. Yeah, this alleged movie is actually the overblown pilot for the first of the two upcoming TV shows. It’s literally three episodes stitched together and thrown up on the big screen because they realised they could probably make an embarrassing amount of cash out of the exercise. The whole thing feels very insincere to me. Say what you like about the prequels (and everybody always does), at least you could say that Lucas was making them because he really, truly wanted to, and because they’d been in his head for 20 years. This thing on the other hand is just a cash-grab. I think that might be what’s bugging you, John.

  59. I’m not excited about it either and it’s because it’s set between 2-3 and not 3-4. We know the outcome between 2-3 with the movies and cartoon show in TV not too long ago. I’ve heard ok things so far. This was meant for tv not cinema screens.

  60. Because we’ve been so disenchanted by the franchise with the last three poorly executed installments? Because we realize that George Lucas is once again trying to milk the cash cow?

    I’m lacking interest just because it’s going to be along the same vein as the 2nd and 3rd movies, having the same bland, poorly written dialogue and will be filled with the characters that no one gained any emotional attachment to. I watched AOTC last night, and I realized I hated 90% of the characters (sans Ewan McGregor). Where is the prequel’s Chewbacca or Han Solo? The lack of good characters has definitely killed the prequels for me.

    I guess I would be more excited if this was set after ROTS as there might be a chance for some new characters, a new plot (not involving a stupid trade federation), but since this is between the 2nd and 3rd movies, it’ll just be rehashing everything we’ve seen before. *yawn* I’ll pass.

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