Wanna See Grimlock From The Transformers?

GrimlockHoly crap, it is short but sweet. But I don’t want to get ahead of myself here. Some of my favorite characters from the original Transformers TV show were The Dinobots… and what kid didn’t fricken love the leader of the Dinobots… me Grimlock… ummm… Grimlock. Arguably the strongest of the Autobots, but lacking on the intelligence side, which also gave him the funniest one liners in the series.

This morning, Jay sent me a heads up on this nice little treat. Over at the Sector Seven webste (it’s an official Transformers site… sort of. Sector Seven is a secret government military agency that is investigating the existence of Transformers on earth) you can SEE A SHORT 5 SECOND VIDEO OF GRIMLOCK!!!!! Jay sent us this:

You’ve got to check out SectorSeven.org again. Type in FWIFFO and click the red box in the upper left hand corner. Then click on the three boxes that appear (one at a time, of course). There’s video of Grimlock smashing a construction site, a killer video camera and an Insecticon.

I went and followed the instructions… and WOW!

Now, don’t get your hopes up too high. I’m betting 100% Grimlock isn’t in the movie and is just here as a treat for the fans. But still… it’s a nice treat. It’s look frigging cool! Go check it out!

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  1. Seriously i would love to see Grimlock in the second movie in his dino form and his true robot form. No cars or anything stupid because that would put shame on grimlock. It would cool seeing Grimlock on prime’s side kicking A##.

  2. I alos had trouble viewing them at first. The directions should say “double-click the red box”. A single click doesn’t cut it.

  3. Fanmade videos, on youtube since at least january. And honestly, the quality of grimlock is far from what we can see in the trailer, we can easily see its fanmade.

  4. Awesome vids. I love how the Insecticon transforms and starts attacking the camera man. That was pretty funny.

    Under the NBETWO password theres some cool Optimus Prime voice stuff on it. Although most was hard to make out.

    I never found the Reflector and Waspinator videos though.

    Check out this Lord of the Rings/Transformers trailer. It’s actualy pretty sweet:

  5. campea do you still believe that this will have the biggest opening of all time? I only ask becasue on the podcast this week you said something like “one of the reasons I believe this film will be very successful is because…..”

    Just wondering if you still think that it will break every record….

    off topic but it just occured to me that spider man is only 4 weeks away……holy shit time goes fast….

  6. If you go to the Transformers myspace page (http://www.myspace.com/transformers) and look in the area on the neck of Optimus Prime quickly, that code pops up with the name SectorSeven.org on the second line. I always wondered what that was until now. All my answers have been solved. Yeehaa!

  7. There is a new video posted on Sector 7 under the fwiffo password of the Doctor being interrogated and being “rescued” by “Agent X”

  8. Wow!

    I just got some interesting info from someone “inside” Sector 7.

    NBEtwo is on it’s way to earth. The new one (NBE03) will be codenamed Bumblebee. Discovered on Mars by sector seven controlled satellites.

    To this point it appears to be a demonstration only of how Sector Seven was able to reverse-engineer some of Megamans technology. (In reference to the satillite images on s7).

    NBEtwo intercepts Megaman and risks Megaman’s cover.

    60 days ago test of Allspark resulted in rampage of destruction.

    What is “Operation: Seek and Destroy”?

    The Doctor has been discovered trying to contact NBE 2, and probably won’t be able to help us anymore.

    Active security feed of some work areas, specifically where the “incident” happened to take “Days without a safety breach” down to 0. It is now at 60

    Logo on the desktop “Protecting America – Established 1930

    Podcast from AgentX http://www.ebucehtdnif.ws/podcast/X6.mp4

  9. I just found this web site:

    saying this:

    Tuesday, April 03, 2007
    Transformers 2 in 2009?

    According to Lying in the Gutters, a comic/entertainment rumor site (about a 70% accuracy rate), preperation has already begun for Transformers 2 for 2009 and a cartoon series based off the first movie.

    From the site:


    “Transformers 2” is being prepped for 2009, as is a new cartoon series to spin off the upcoming movie.

    The reason given to licensors as to why the robots look so different in the film is so that hardcore fans will stay loyal and keep buying the old toys, which they’re relaunching, even if they hate the new movie.

    Licensing has explicitly stated that companies doing merchandising have to avoid doing anything too similar to the original Transformers line, so as not to mix the two separate and profitable properties.

    The rumor has legs mainly because “prepped” can have such a wide open interpretation. It could run the gamet of Bay and Spielberg in a room going “hey you thinking about directing the sequel?” to as far as scriptwriters assigned and working on a draft.

    More then likey it just means the studio has high hopes for the film and if the opening week does the money they hope it does (I am thinking they are aiming for $100 million week), the penciled in hope for a sequel gets written in ink. The goal is to build a franchise and lots of money has been invested. Of course the same was done for Eragon, and look what happened. Characters, story and execution, the pillars of a successful franchise (or any movie really), falter in any and all the kings money can’t put the franchise back together again.

    The bit about the fans buying both lines, as a collector of the toys, pretty insulting. Also accurate. Damn them and their pretty toys.

    at 9:22 PM 2 comments Labels: Movie, Sequel

  10. Jimminy Christmas that was amazing.

    Having seen that other one, i’m now convinced that a real life Insecticon would terrify me. Put ’em in the sequel Bay.

  11. If you copy and paste it you have to hit backspace.

    The video was awesome. Coming to the site everyday and listening to the podcasts have gotten me pumped for this movie. I can’t wait.

  12. RICK KING-I tried to copy and paste it in but it didn’t work. Try typing it in because thats what I did and it worked for me.

    The Grimlock vid is amazing. The killer camera was cool but made me laugh at how funny it would be if that happened in real life. The incecticon was friggin sweat.

  13. Hmmm…Just tried the link, there was no box in the upper left hand corner. I tried the “FWIFFO” in the form and clicked enter, but all it stated was “failed”. Am I doing something wrong?

  14. John,

    There is also footage of Reflector and Waspinator on there as well. The Grimlock video caused me to have flashback to that bumbling autobot “Me Grimlock…me stupid!”

  15. Are those fan made? Grimlock looks pretty close to his cartoon form, pretty cool. Judging by the looks of characters like Skorponok, I doubt any of the Dinobots would look like their original designs if they are in the sequel.

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