Wanna See Grimlock From The Transformers?

GrimlockHoly crap, it is short but sweet. But I don’t want to get ahead of myself here. Some of my favorite characters from the original Transformers TV show were The Dinobots… and what kid didn’t fricken love the leader of the Dinobots… me Grimlock… ummm… Grimlock. Arguably the strongest of the Autobots, but lacking on the intelligence side, which also gave him the funniest one liners in the series.

This morning, Jay sent me a heads up on this nice little treat. Over at the Sector Seven webste (it’s an official Transformers site… sort of. Sector Seven is a secret government military agency that is investigating the existence of Transformers on earth) you can SEE A SHORT 5 SECOND VIDEO OF GRIMLOCK!!!!! Jay sent us this:

You’ve got to check out SectorSeven.org again. Type in FWIFFO and click the red box in the upper left hand corner. Then click on the three boxes that appear (one at a time, of course). There’s video of Grimlock smashing a construction site, a killer video camera and an Insecticon.

I went and followed the instructions… and WOW!

Now, don’t get your hopes up too high. I’m betting 100% Grimlock isn’t in the movie and is just here as a treat for the fans. But still… it’s a nice treat. It’s look frigging cool! Go check it out!