6 Minutes of Pan’s Labyrinth

We’ve been talking for some time about Guillermo del Toro’s newest flick Pan’s Labyrinth. The movie has been getting terrific reviews and buzz over the last couple of months which has only built the anticipation for it even more amongst rabid film fans.

Now, the good folks over at Bloody Disgusting have posted up 2 clips from the movie that add up to about 6 minutes. The tension and mood in the clips are palatable and eerie as hell. The cinematography is simple and allows the setting to speak for itself which I love. I can’t wait to see this.

So go on over and take a look at the 2 Pan’s Labyrinth clips, and then come back and let us know what you thought of them.

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12 thoughts on “6 Minutes of Pan’s Labyrinth

  1. As it stands, the film is really good, but it could have been great if it had about half fantasy, half reality. Instead, there is maybe twenty minutes of fantasy stuff in the entire movie. Not nearly enough.

  2. Be warned if you watch these clips you have seen just about ALL the fantasy elements from the film, which is actually far more a socio-political period piece than the fantasy film the trailers would have you believe. That said it’s a fantastic film from Guillermo Del Toro.

    As Ian Smith mentioned it is very violent in places and not a film for small kids … it’s nothing like Labyrinth, the fantasy elements are just short sequences in amongst the 1944 setting of fascist Spain.

  3. THIS MOVIE LOOKS SO SWEETTT. I can’t wait to see it. hey is this the sequel to the 80’s movie Labyrinth,,STARRING David Bowie?

    jk, at frist when i heard the movie title i was like yeah they are bring another one out, but it turns out to be a stand alone movie, and now i saw the clips and trailer. I need to see this thing, ..



  4. Saw this a few months back. Great visuals, but Guirrmo could have put in some more fantasy sequences. The ones that are there are great, but Pan’s Labryinth never quite goes with it.

  5. It’s a fantastic film, but an extremely violent one (just in case you were thinking you might be able to take the kids). Definitely in my Top 5 films of the year (and I’ve seen a lot this year).

  6. I’ve seen the preview and in interview with Guillermo.
    The movie is fantastic but I’ve honestly expected more of it. All the good scenes are given away in the trailer and you leave the cinema wondering, wasn’t there suppossed to be more?
    Nevertheless, the acting and the composition of the movie are superb. It also managed to build tension with quite unusual techniques.
    Go see it. It’s worth the money (I paid 15 pounds).

  7. Pan’s Labyrinth looks awesome.
    The early trailers looked really cool and and got me intrested.
    These new clips are wicked and by wicked i mean I cannot wait to see this.

  8. Hi Movie Blog. Long time listener…first time comment, er…poster!

    Just got back from a showing of Pans Labyrinth in the uk.
    SSSSOOOOOO god dam good. I got to meet Guillermo Del Toro last
    week at a sighning (I got a sighned Pans L script, which is so
    fucking cool). Anyway, the film is a masterpiece and could
    be the film of the year.
    p.s make sure you guys come to London!

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