Steamboy Review and Director Interview

steamboy.jpgThe Japan Times – an English language Japanese newspaper – has just published a review of the long awaited anime film Steamboy, and an interview with director Katsuhiro Otomo. Check out the very positive review here and the very brief interview here. Word on the street is also starting to circulate that Steamboy 2 has already been greenlit and is gearing up production. Thanks to KFC for the links.

4 thoughts on “Steamboy Review and Director Interview

  1. the movie is in japanese when i saw it on the cinemas here in tokyo.
    i was kinda disapointed by the movie though (this year’s “appleseed” was a much more pleasant surprise).

  2. Hey man? I told this news on 14th July with my comment on post “6minute steamboy trailer online”.
    Thanks for noticing then posting the news a week later!?

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