Star Wars Episode 3 Title?? ..Gulp… Creeping Fear??

Okay, so this news bubbled over a few days ago, but I’ve been sick and visiting New York City, so screw all y’all. File this in the “With a Grain of Salt” drawer, but here it is.

In line with other silly attempts at flashy titles, like Episode 1 and 2, Episode 3 seems to be right on pace with the Uber-silly Title, “The Creeping Fear”. I’m still not totally convinced this is real, simply because the title is too darn ridiculous. I mean, after ‘Phantom Meanace’, I don’t think it’s beyond possible, but I have very strong doubts – that and it’s fun to report anyway. The rumour goes on to say it was originally to be titled “Rise of the Empire”. Which, in my humble opinion, is JUST FINE!!! In fact, I LIKE that title!.. It has an “Empire strikes…” and “Return of..” quality to it. ‘The Creeping Fear’ sounds like something you’d find in a fat guy’s pants.

Here’s a few other joke titles I’ve found from ticked off Star Wars fans that made me chuckle – Feel free to add your own: How ’bout:

– The Creeping Fear Eye for the Star Wars Guy?
– Creeping with the Enemy
– The Passion of the Jedi
– The Coconut Pete Fear
– Episode III: Havana Nights
– Dude, Where’s my lightsaber?
– Episode III: The Jeeping Creeping Fear
– Episode III: – Jabba Takes a Dump and Eats Another Frog…..
– Star Wars Episode 3 “The Return of Short Round!”
– Creeper by the Dozen
– Episode III: Crapping Far

Okay, Apparently, the REAL title is to be released very shortly anyway. Again, we shall see.

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