Infernal Affairs’ Chopping Block Begins for US Release.

Sigh. Shoulda seen nonsense like this coming. First off, I must accept that these very well could be turned into good things, but I doubt it. So far.

For those of you just joining us, Infernal Affairs is a fantastic cop/triad drama out of Hong Kong. It pits an undercover cop who’s working deep within a triad gang against a bad cop working high in the ranks of the police department. Both characters have one connection to their real identity, being the bosses of both “groups”. It’s a loyalty twisting mess as one side scrambles for power meanwhile the moles try desperately to expose the “opposite mole” while keeping themselves incognito at the same time.

Brad Pitt reportedly went ape over the movie and demanded it get remade for North America. Martin Scorsese sits in the director’s chair for it, and as I’ve just learned, the significant altering of the script has started. Who’s at fault I don’t know. The only good thing I read about the remake script so far is that they are reportedly consulting the original directors. I don’t really know how MUCH consulting is going on because……

The characters of the two bosses have been REMOVED. REMOVED!! What the Hell?? I don’t know who was watching the DVD in the studio, but those characters are sort of …. y’know… KEY! What about the elevator scene and subsequent “descent” near the end of the film?? Who the Hell’s in charge?? Half the film was about those guys. Not saying it’s impossible, but that’s one huge porker of a “modification” to the script. And What about Infernal Affairs 2?? Oh geez, I’m frustrated. Furthur, (this one is acceptable though) the gangs in question is between the Irish Police and — a gang of sorts? — the article is a little unclear. I’ll assume it’s an IRA thing. – But this is how rumours start. Let’s move along .. the Article (at goes on to say the the plot has been made simpler. ..[pause].. *…ahem…* … WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?! SiMpLeR?!?!?! THat’s the beauty of the damn film!!.. You don’t see me scribbling all over the Mona Lisa because “the whore isn’t smiling enough” do you?!?! .. Didn’t think so. Just freakin LEAVE IT ALONE!! MOTHER FASNVL:JQWEOQS!!! BAH!!!!

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