Movies just one part of online entertainment industry seeing major success

We have continued to see lockdowns enforced and restrictions placed in most countries around the world, which has meant that many people have had to spend extended periods of time within their own homes. It has led to normal life changing, from socialising and work all moving online. It has also been the same for entertainment, with all of this moving online and the industry has therefore been one to see major growth throughout this period. 


Movies are just one example of this and have continued to be a go-to for many people at home. This has seen a number of different streaming services seeing great success, with Netflix being the key example of this. The opening period of 2020 saw the first lockdowns really enforced and resulted in some fairly remarkable growth for Netflix. It saw the leading streaming platform pick up 16 million new sign-ups and that is a trend that has continued to follow through 2020, with the restrictions remaining in place. The growth did stall as lockdowns were eased but as the COVID-19 situation continues, the company is most likely to see this steady growth and success. 


It is not just Netflix, but we have also continued to see more and more movie streaming services hit the market. From Now TV, Disney, Apple TV and Amazon Prime video. Each have seen growth with the latter expected to prove to be the real challenge to the successful growth and future of Netflix. The big question will be how they are affected once we finally return to some form of normality and whether people will be spending less and less time within their homes watching TV and films.


Movies have also only been one part of an industry that has been seeing some great success in recent times. This is of course the overall online entertainment industry, with gaming another area to have flourished. Players have been picked up bonuses and offers such as the wink bingo promo code, with bingo another example within the industry, that has seen a surge in numbers and provided a great means of much needed entertainment at home for people. There are now around 2.7 billion gamers world-wide who have expected to spend around $160 billion each year and this is a statistic that is only growing each year. This has all resulted in what is now one of the fastest growing industries in the world and another to have resulted in major growth due to the current restrictions being set in most countries world-wide. However, it is also a market that was on a major upward curve prior to the current situation and further shows just how positive the future is for the market.

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