New Astroboy Teaser Poster and Trailer

Swimming in a sea of Astroboy nostalgia we get a new teaser poster!


I really like how this Teaser Poster is a true teaser deliberately not showing much despite us already seeing Astroboy in the teaser released earlier. But that in itself shows enough for me. This looks so true to the original, and yet in 3D, its like your imagination crossed with your memory of the show. Perfect.

Also, a Teaser Trailer was launched today and so far the only place I have found it on is Hulu, which can only be viewed in the US (unless you are crafty) so click HERE to check it out.

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8 thoughts on “New Astroboy Teaser Poster and Trailer

  1. The poster is dull even for a teaser. The trailer while nice it makes me feel like i already know this film will have an orign pacing to it. With that said there is nothing about the film so far I can dislike. I think it could be a great kids and old fans film.

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