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I’ve been curious about Leatherheads since I first heard word about it earlier this year. I’ll give anything with George Clooney the benefit of the doubt (even though he’s had a couple of real stinkers), and with his massive popularity on The Office it’ll be interesting to see if John Krasinski can make a transition from television to the big screen.

“Dodge Connolly (George Clooney) is an aging football hero whose team faces certain collapse after losing their sponsor. Carter Rutherford (John Krasinski) is a WW1-veteran with a great talent in football and a long history of deeds, a history that is held suspect by Lexie Littleton (RenĂ©e Zellweger), a cub journalist who is sniffing holes in Rutherford’s story.”

I’ve got to say I really like this Leatherheads trailer. It’s got a perfect 50’s Hollywood feel to it, and Clooney and Zellweger seem to totally nail it. Check it out and decide for yourself:

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  2. My wife was an extra on this movie, she had a lot of fun with it and said that Clooney was a very fun and animated director. They did a lot of filming in North and South Carolina. It was rather funny to see a big Hollywood star come and shoot a film here, the local news was doing “Clooney Watch” every night, kind of reminded me of “Panda Watch” from Anchorman.

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