November 2006

Ethan Hawke in Dark Knight?

In The Dark Night rumor mill there is now another talented actor that may or may not be playing D.A. Harvey Dent; Ethan Hawke. The folks over at give us this: According to Batman On Film, Ethan Hawke may be donning the suit and tie of D.A Harvey Dent … [Read More]

Hostel 2 Images

There are some new Hostel 2 images making their way across the net this morning. The image on the left is one of them. Ohhh… scary. Some people question the need for films like Hostel. The first one was just a lot of porn and guts… but it accomplished something … [Read More]

In House Business

Hey there Folks. John here with a couple of itmes to draw your attention to: 1) RSS Feed As some of you may have noticed, the RSS feed of The Movie Blog has gone from carrying the full posts to just the title and an excerpt. I didn’t like doing … [Read More]

Bumblebee Ready To Kick Ass

Jay sent me this character board for Bumblebee. I really do like the concept that the new Transformers don’t have guns… but rather that various parts of them turn into guns when they need them. Makes a lot more sense. I dig the shoulder mounted rockets too.