The Movie BLog’s Top 10 Most Gruesome Movie Maniacs

Happy Halloween kiddies! That’s right it’s me, your old pal Brad, back from some brief adventures in not so sunny California. I hope you missed me; and if you didn’t; well I’m back, to push your buttons and perhaps rub you the wrong way once again.

As promised before, I was compiling a Movie Blog top 10 List: Of the most gruesome movie maniacs in film. What makes this list special is that it was tallied up based on your comments. So after a month of deliberating on the Movie Blog, here are the results.

The Movie Blogs Top 10 Most Gruesome Movie Maniacs  
10.Bruce: from Jaws
9.The Burger King: hey this is your votes
8.The Firefly Family (inc. Dr. Satan): from House and Rejects
7.Hannibal Lecter: from Hannibal series
6.Jigsaw: from Saw
5.Jack Torrence: from the Shinning

Read on for the next five…

The Movie Blogs Top 10 Most Gruesome Movie Maniacs  
4.John Doe: from Se7en
3.Samara: from the Ring
2.Leatherface: from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
1.Michael Myers: from Halloween

Well there you have it ghouls. Happy Halloween from The Movie Blog.

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5 thoughts on “The Movie BLog’s Top 10 Most Gruesome Movie Maniacs

  1. The Burger King was a joke in the comments section! How dare you tally the votes for him as being serious. Hannibal should be #1.

  2. well…I don’t understand why Michael Myers is there and not Jason Voorhees! He was certainly more gruesome than Michael…Same goes for Freddy Krueger. I can see Samara et Leatherface there, and some others…but I don’t see how The Burger King could have won over those I just mentionned…Anyway, still not the definitive list…

  3. that is crazy!

    i love the burger king!!!

    it suprises me how many people don’t, i think he is friggin’ great.

    i love burger king’s markeing schemes, they are great, the subservient chicken…..cock rock…awesome.

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