Audio Edition – October 31st 2005

Welcome to The Audio Edition Holloween installment. Well… there’s really nothing “holloweeny” about the show, it just happens to be Holloween. Whheeeee!

On todays show Doug and I are join by regular Monday guest Darren “The Hammer” Conley and together the triumphant trio talk about how much comment spammers deserve to die, Doug and I review The Legend Of Zorro, the upcoming film Transamerica and how politically left and right movies get praised for all the wrong reasons and a few things more.

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SHOW NOTES: ** This is important. The Audio Edition is meant to be conversational… and it’s your turn to be involved in that conversation. Use the comments section of The Audio Editions to post YOUR show notes. Thoughts you had about the topics… interesting links to things related to the topics. Share your thoughts and links with the rest of us to keep the conversation going. The “show notes” are now yours to write!**

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13 thoughts on “Audio Edition – October 31st 2005

  1. You could try re-naming mt-comments.cgi since spam bots find that to spam you. And in your templates you could use instead of mt-comments.cgi

    I don’t mind entering a code but I’m not sure how that would affect blind visitors.

  2. I still think we get a lot of comments after the “effective shelf life” of a story. We’ve seen this time and time again with the bigger posts on the site, the ones that reach over 30 comments, most of them are made after the post is off the front page.

    I like the code verification idea, and if this works to reduce spam, then I’m all for it. I don’t mind using it on other sites, so why not here? What do you all think, would it be a bad thing for you to write down a four digit code you see before pressing preview?

  3. Good show.

    Quick comments:

    1) Spam.

    It’s a shame that there are jerks out there who push a product or service that has nothing to do with the subject(s) at hand. Ever been to Yahoo groups? I lost count over how many spam posts concerning online dating services, real estate, and bank/credit loans have appeared there since Yahoo merged thier ‘fan clubs’ with ‘fan groups’. Spam is everywhere, and while it is sad that some measures have to be taken, steps have to be done.

    While it hurt the folks who post at Movie Blog with legit comments at the subject at hand with a ten day cutoff? I don’t think so. I notice that some new, yet related, stories both truth and pipe dream rumor, tend to be posted within a span of two weeks or less.

    I support you all on your continued war on internet terrorism.

    2)Legend Of Zorro.

    John….you made a wonderful point, one that I thought about myself after seeing the film last weekend. The Son Of Zorro…how could he be clueless about his father’s sudden disappearances everytime a church bell rings?

    There’s other things I want to get to, so I’ll just link to where my comments are:

    3) TransAmerica, the left and the right.

    Despite the theme, I think this film will work, for one reason. Take out the transgender theme and what you have under it is a father-son road trip. Road trip films (dramas) have worked extremely well in the past. Different stories, diffrent circumstances, and in this case, the issue of sex change operations. I haven’t seen the film or the trailer, but from what I heard from the podcast suggests that it isn’t a slapstick cheeseball comedy, but a drama. It also has indie film written all over it.

    I hope the film does not have an ‘agenda’, because when agendas come up and take potshots at the politics left or right, it has to be equal billing and comedy or farce (Wag The Dog) but I seen many films whose fimmakers or actors want to spit in the faces of the right (or sometimes the left). What happens is that people forget what the story was all about.

    Being from Flint, Michigan, I am pleased to hear that a few people think Michael Moore’s film (which I will not name) was overrated. I’m not extreme right, but I am under the idea that if you disagree or confront Moore with the facts, then you are part of the “right wing”. Moore really can’t answer his critics, other than that cheap dismissal. I laughed aloud in the opening scene of his film from last year, as anyone knows that Moore didn’t support the Al Gore* campaign; he was on the side of Ralph Nader and the Green Party.

    I thought it bizarre that in the trailer, he confronts a Republican senator who had relatives fighting in Iraq; he did not use the footage in the film, because the response was countering the point he wanted to make.

    While I thought it was fair to critique Bush, as no polititian is above contreversy, F911 took too many liberties with the facts. Moore does raise good points, and it gets some people on thier toes. But his manipulation of journalism is a big fat joke.

    4) Trick Or Treat

    You can’t beat great looking laytex liquid skin and blood.

    In any case, no talk about he box office this past weekend (Saw II in first, Legend of the Zzzzz in second…) and I know you guys can’t shove evyerything in the podcast. Either that, or there wasn’t a lot to talk about concerning the new films.

    What’s this? No Transformers blurb? The sun does shine down on us listeners today. Bring on the Shogun Warriors!

    Sealer out.

  4. I just realized, while listening to the audio edition, that I said “You can’t be Latino with a love interest of some sort” [13:47]. What I actually *meant* to say was “without a love interest of some sort”.

    I can say this because, even though I myself am a combination of English, Irish, Austrian, Polish, and Ukranian, that particular mixture has produced (in my own complexion) something akin to the Latino look. I therefore feel confident in making such a comment from an informed point of view.

    Also, I realize that my voice sounds much louder than Doug’s or John’s at times. This was due to me holding my mic closer to my mouth during the recording, because I was smelling the mic cover.

    Smelled like cheese.

  5. how about having one of those picture code verification thingies for when you want to type in a post? that would eliminate the bot threat, and keep humans safe for another day. huar! (humans united against robots)

    unfortunately, i have no idea how you would go bout implementing this :( so keep an eye out.

  6. ok man. i myself can’t help you. but I am a member of an online community that is all about posts and threads and members and all. They had problems with spammers and whatnot. but they seem to have no problem with spybots. or maybe they could hook you up and tell you what you need to do to get the bots to stop.

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    For interviews and/or business contacts. Thanks for the interest. We also do most types of mitzvahs.

    [email protected]

    General Information

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