What are Online Casino Wagering Requirements and How To Avoid Them?

Wagering requirements are probably one of the main and most hard to beat stumbling blocks that stand between an online gambler and their winnings, at all times. The majority of beginner casino gamblers online just fail to understand quickly how the wagering requirements work, and fail to recognize the unfavourable playing conditions they are put under by the wagering requirements. On the other hand, even really experienced and seasoned gamblers sometimes fail to meet the wagering requirements, and risk losing their winnings. 


This is why casinos with no wagering requirements offers gain popularity among punters around the world. In this review, we explain how wagering requirements work, how to choose the best playing conditions, and why no wager parlours are the most beneficial. 

How Wagering Requirements Work 

Wagering requirements, also called playthrough, exist to stimulate punters to play more at online parlours, and, to be honest, to maximize the Internet casinos’ earnings rather than to help the player win more. 

Wagering requirements are not generally regulated by any egaming authority, and are decided upon by the casino operator. Some sites have ridiculous rip-off prerequisites while other sites set low prerequisites. However, without the knowledge of how these work, Internet parlour punters will not be able to make an informed decision about bonuses, and will not be able to comply with the rules. 

For Deposit 

While most punters associate playthrough requirements only with casino bonuses, in reality, initial deposits are also subject to playthrough prerequisites. No player is able to deposit money and then just withdraw it , without wagering the funds in real money games. This is part of the anti money laundering policy, followed by all parlour sites. 

As a rule, any deposit must be wagered 1-3 times in real money games, before the player can withdraw funds. If the player does not want to make real money bets (but why would they deposit then, in the first place?), some parlours allow withdrawal, but apply a small administrative fee, around 15% of the deposited sum. 


The best thing about playthrough prerequisites for the initial deposit is that all games are available for betting. For bonuses, the rules are different. 

For Bonus 

When Internet parlours offer punters bonuses, be it cash or Free Spins, the goal is not to give punters free money, but to stimulate them to deposit more (to get the bonus), and then make more real money bets. Wagering requirements, on the other hand, are applied to prevent the customers from winning quickly and cashing this money out. Meeting playthrough prerequisites is a long and often complicated process, and some parlour sites even make it close to impossible. 

At the time of writing, average playthrough prerequisites for cash bonuses at Internet parlours vary from x30 to x50 the size of the bonus; if your bonus is $100, you must wager $3,000 in casino games, before you are even able to withdraw anything – if you still have funds to withdraw. In a perfect world, you make bets with bonus money and win more money, and this enables you to meet the playthrough prerequisites. But in reality, bonuses get exhausted before the requirements are met. 


Moreover, when there is an active bonus attached to the casino account, the player can only play a certain game, or games, to meet the prerequisites; in addition, maximum bet size is also limited. These rules are applied to prevent the player from winning, and this is why the best Internet parlours decided to break the system. They introduced no wager bonuses. 

No Wager Bonuses 

Some of the most advanced parlour sites today offer low playthrough requirement bonuses, such as cashbacks. Cashbacks wagering rules rarely exceed x10 – x15 the size of the cashback, and this rule is comparatively easy to comply with, and still get some real money as winnings. But some sites took it a step further, and invented no wager bonuses. 

For no wager bonuses, no playthrough prerequisites are applied, at all. The bonuses are not huge, of course, because otherwise the parlour would go bankrupt in days. A somewhat limited access to casino games still works while the bonus is active, and the maximum bet size is limited, as well. But the best thing is that, whatever the customer wins is theirs, immediately, and they can cash it out. 


No wager Internet parlours quickly gain popularity, so to choose one, check out Internet casino reviews and recommended casino lists, like those produced by CasinosHunter. 

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