Want to Buy Prop Money? Here’s Where You Should Go

Do you produce films, movies, videos, or commercials? If so, there is a good chance you are going to find yourself in need of some good prop money from time to time. Using poorly made movie money will show in your content and you could be seen as amateur or cheap. That’s why it is very important to find the best businesses that create and sell the most realistic prop money on the market.

Money is one of the most popular props when you are creating any type of entertainment content. It is a small detail that can make a huge difference. The best part is, you don’t have to spend a fortune to get an amazing product. Some companies offer you motion picture money you can buy at an affordable price for all budgets.

So, if you are looking to buy fake money that looks real, which will make your intense scenes more memorable than you have come to the right place. Here we will tell you our top pick for all prop movie money purposes and why we love them so much.

How you can Spot the Best Prop Money Company

When we started looking for the top company around to purchase the best fake money that looks real we looked at five main categories. These were the most important items to us when it came to working with any retailer in the movie prop business.

     1.Budget Friendly

Did you know, on average it costs $65 million to create a major studio movie and $2 million for a low budget film? How about music videos? The average music video comes in at around $10 thousand dollars on the low end, and $200 thousand for the higher budgets with the more popular artists. Can you imagine the amount of money it costs to make music video props for a Beyonce or Jay-Z video? 

That is why it is so important to find a company that offers affordable yet realistic replica money. Those dollars you see on screen are a tiny fraction of a production budget but can make or break the end result of your film.


When purchasing props that need to look as close to realistic money as possible the quality of material and production is very important. What should you look for?

  • You want your movie money to feel soft and thin.
  • The bills should match the colors of real money as closely as legally allowed. 
  • The size of the bills should look realistic
  • “Not for legal tender” Should not be visible from cameras view
  • The money needs to look year appropriate. The gov’t changes the way each bill looks every few years to make counterfeit money harder to create.


The Secret Service is cracking down hard these days when it comes to counterfeit money or motion picture money looking too much like the real deal. Make sure your movie money has these characteristics so you’re not facing fines and losing costly production time.

  • Must state “Not for legal tender” or “Replica Money” 
  • The hologram cannot be working, or match the original hologram.
  • It could be slightly smaller than the real bills.
  • Colors cannot be an exact match.
  • It cannot be created on the same material as real money, so it won’t ever feel exactly the same.

    4.Customer Service

There is nothing more important to us than the way a business treats their customers when using their services. What did we look for?

  • Availability- Being able to reach a business when you need them is extremely important.
  • Reliability-  Knowing that a company will provide you with what you want when you need it is very important in the movie business.
  • Easy to use sites- No one wants to waste time going in circles trying to locate the exact items they need.

BuzzProps is our go to Prop Money Store!

Buzzprops.com captured our interest because of their well built website, amazing customer service, and the realistic look of their currency.  You cannot get any closer to the real thing than this. The money looks so real we couldn’t really tell the difference when first scanning through the online pages.  The quality is remarkable and can make any film really come to life.

BuzzProps Products

This company has it all and the prices are amazing. BuzzProps proves that you don’t need to be rich to look rich. They are a company that keeps their eye solely on one prop in order to serve their customers better. They specialized their techniques to create the best prop money you can get. So what currency do they offer?

  • Denominations of all bills- $1, $5, $10, $20, $50, $100
  • Multiple styles of bills- New and old styles 
  • Different quantities- Singles and bundles made up of your choice

The options are endless, you choose what you want and how much of it you need and they will get it to you.

Thinking outside the box? Looking for customizable cash? BuzzProps can do that too. They will customize your cash to fit your every need.Quality

The Quality of BuzzProps products is unbeatable. They come to you looking like the real deal and film perfectly. When viewing the money on screen you would never believe that currency was fake. Don’t believe us? Here is a quote from a happy BuzzProps customer.

The best in the market! I have ordered a huge amount of prop money for our new TV show and it was delivered on time and it looks very realistic and our shoots look phenomenal.” Michael-Filmmaker 

BuzzProps creates their fake money in a warehouse right here in the USA and ships directly to you within 1 business day of purchase. Another great perk, shipping is always free with purchases over $100.

Every bill is made by professionals who have the knowledge and experience to create a great product for your every need. The Bills match the exact size of a regular dollar so looking at a stack of oversized or undersized cash won’t be a buzzkill for your big scene.

All the bills are on real paper so you will not get a glare from a glossy product, and it will film with the same movements and flexibility as regular cash.

Have a money gun? BuzzProps fake money will shoot out of that with ease making it rain at any party, concert, or event. Create a night to remember without breaking the bank.

Customer Service

Aside from quick and easy shipping, BuzzProps had some of the best customer services we have seen. With multiple ways to contact them and multiple social media platforms filled with questions and answers we never felt lost or confused when searching their site.

Their staff is friendly and knowledgeable. They offer great support and information on all of their products so there’s no surprises when the money is received.


There is nothing more relieving to a producer than finding a product that doesn’t hurt the budget and can even come to less than they had initially set aside. You can find that here at BuzzProps. Their money is not only high quality but also very affordable. If you are looking for cheap stacks and bundles of cash, this is the place.

Not only are their everyday prices more than fair, BuzzProps is also known for having amazing sales and offering up promo codes to make the already low prices even lower. It is important to the company to make props affordable for all production budgets.


To keep you and the company out of any legal trouble BuzzProps does take the necessary steps to create the best replica money without creating real counterfeit money. To separate their bills from the real ones this company has “replicas” placed on every bill. They also have it printed on paper that doesn’t match the same material as real money, and every one of their bills has identical serial numbers.

BuzzProps money has been the go to fake currency supplier for many popular companies such as Showtime, HBO, CBS, Netflix, and many more. They are proving that even the top filmmakers prefer BuzzProps products compared to the competitors. Having good quality, great filming fake cash can make or break a scene. 

Prop Money Q&A

You have questions about prop movie money, we have answers.

Is it Illegal to own Prop Money?

Short answer is no, it’s not illegal to own prop money. However, attempting to use it as legal currency at any time is illegal and can get you fined and jail time. This can also create serious problems for the motion picture money manufacturer.

Who Monitors Movie Money?

Every batch of motion picture money made has to have the company’s specific individual serial number printed on it. If the fake currency shows up in the local economy it can then be traced back to the company that created the bills. 

The Secret Service is in charge of tracking down where the fake money was created and deciding whether or not there was any malicious intent or illegal action on the part of the manufacturer. If they deem the money was created to look too close to the real thing, they can not only fine you, but they can force you to destroy your entire stock.

Why Choose Replica Money Over Real Money?

Replica money is used when a very large sum of money is needed on set. It keeps from the possibility of money getting stolen or lost, and also gives the set a legal way to blow it up or destroy it any other way. Destroying real money is illegal.

Does Prop Money Look Real Enough?

As long as you are purchasing your fake bills from a professional and knowledgeable company, prop movie money can look just like the real deal in any shoot. Whether you are shooting a close-up scene a foot from the camera or a car exploding while driving over a cliff, you would never know it wasn’t legal tender.

Experienced prop companies are able to create money to compare almost exactly the same as real currency, able to camouflage the differences well and only visible when held up close and in person.

Who Uses Prop Money

Prop money is used in entertainment industries everywhere. It can be used in music videos, movies, TV shows, and commercials. However, it doesn’t only get used in high end productions. 

Motion picture money is affordable and easy to obtain making it a great addition to art school students, small production companies, youtubers and streamers, or even those who love to create videos as a hobby.

Fake money is also used when doing photoshoots and films well for pictures.

Another use for motion picture money is by personalizing or customizing it and using it for pirates or events. Most Prop companies will customize your bills with faces or logos on them making them great for party favors, ads, or just for fun.

Where Should you NOT go to Buy Fake Money

If you want good quality realistic money you shouldn’t trust big online businesses and third-party sellers. You can’t guarantee you will be getting exactly what it is you are looking for. It is best to always purchase you prop movie money from reputable companies that have their own websites and offer up all vital information regarding the creation of their products.

Purchasing this type of product from sites that sell without disclaimers or FAQ’s can be very deceiving and even sell you illegal tender. It is also very possible that you could be purchasing prop money created by someone who shouldn’t be making it in the first place and it can put you into a tricky situation if the secret service comes knocking.

Our Take Away

Whether you are searching for stacks of cash to make it rain in a rap music video, or needing a duffle bag full of hundreds in an exciting action flick, you are going to need some realistic looking fake money to create that million-dollar shot. BuzzProps has just that and so much more. Visit them today at Buzzprops.com and see what their amazing customer service and professional staff can do for you.

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