The Movie Blog: Audio Edition Vol. 9

Oh my goodness, have we been going this long already? Anyway, we are pleased to inflict… I mean PRESENT to you the 9th installment of The Audio Edition.

This week we discuss our favorite films of 2004, Kevin Spacey confirming as Lex Luthor. Hulk 2. Sam Jackson’s opinion of singers who want to be actors and whya drunk Clint Eastwood should have directed the first Hulk. All this and a bunch more. Download here.

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8 thoughts on “The Movie Blog: Audio Edition Vol. 9

  1. the muppet show did come back, it was called muppets tonight, and i loved it. the episode where the bear security gaurd sang, “when i saw her face” about cindy crawford in front of a phsycadelic backgorund was one of the greatest muppet moments ever.

  2. Doug, you’re hilarious. I forget which one, but one of your comments made me laugh out loud, and if I was drinking something, I’m sure it would have come out my nose.

    For the record, Hilary Duff started in the world of acting, didn’t she? And then moved to music. (Not that she’s a great actress, though)

    Keep it up

  3. We find the bathroom to be both romantic and intimate. Salt baths and scented candles make us ready to record, as you can well imagine.

  4. Have you been recording the last few editions in the bathroom? It’s a weird echo and when you both up your voices its all distorted.

    Will you be able to sort this out?

    Still a good show though.

  5. The Audio Edition is very entertaining. In fact, I wish it was much, much longer, even if I had to listen to it in piece.

    Correction – Passion of The Christ DID outgross Harry Potter, and by almost $100 million!!!! It was only a few million behind Spider-Man 2, and then of course everything was way behind Shrek 2, which is the second highest grossing (domestic, single-release) film of all time behind Titanic.

    If you were to fulfill my wish and extend the audio edition, it might be interesting to add a third voice – perhaps someone who’s more of a ‘specialist’ in box office and/or film history. Or at least another comedian :-)

    Hurray for Sam Jackson. Hurray for Kevin Spacey. But General Zod? They’re gonna feel awfully silly when Superman Returns Part III features Darkseid as the villain and they try to pretend that General Zod was a threat.

  6. Hi fellas, good job by the way, this is for John, I agree with you 100% about the singer/actor B.S. I listen to alot of hip hop music and I watch the show on BET called 106 and park, I don’t know if you are familiar with it but its a popular music video show and every day they have either rappers or movie stars on the show of course it is usually related to black community, anyway. Sam L. Jackson was on a year ago and he talked exactly about how he hates rappers/singers who think they can act, he is completly against it he said much more than you said in your audio adition, I love Sam as an actor and he seems very down to earth and I loved that he pointed it out to millions of ppl on tv, cause that show is watched alot.

    thats it , just a bit of info for you.


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