Best Product Spinoffs from Movies

Everyone loves the movies and most people are probably watching more films than ever right now as we all try to fill the hours in the day.

But for those who are looking to engage in a bit of retail therapy to take their minds off the current situation, what are some of the best movie-themed spinoff products that are available?


A huge number of movies are based on books, but did you know that it can work the other way around as well? This is widely known as a novelization, where a writer takes the plot of a film and turns it into a book, which can create more space for the story to be expanded upon.

A lot of novelizations work as companion pieces to the movies they are based on and they are effectively complementary to each other. Novelizations are widely considered to be canon – part of the official storyline – and they often go deeper into the universe in which a film is set.

For example, there are many different Star Wars novelizations that are available to read these days. Any fans who were disappointed with the release of new movie The Rise of Skywalker last year can console themselves by diving back into that world in book form instead.

If novelizations are not for you, why not read the books on which your favourite movies are based instead? It is usually fascinating to see what creative choices have been made, with spotting the differences between the book and the movie a fun game to play as well.

Slot games at online casinos

Not only are the plots from popular movies made into books, but increasingly they are being used as the basis for new slot games at online casinos too. 

There are loads of different online slots based on hit movies but some of the best of them include Top Gun, Beauty and the Beast, Planet of the Apes, Jumanji and Dirty Dancing.

Many superhero-themed online slot games are also available to play, with Superman one of the characters who has been used as the inspiration for a slot.

There are far too many movie-themed online slot games to name here, but Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, A Nightmare on Elm Street, King Kong and Jurassic Park are just some of our favorites. 

Test them out for yourselves and see which of them you like the best!

Toys and video games

Children’s toys and video games are among the other popular movie-themed spinoff products. 

Most kids love superheroes so parents will find themselves buying a lot of related gifts for their offspring over the years. Lego is always going to be popular and movie-themed sets are among those that sell the fastest, especially when Christmas is approaching on the calendar.

Older children are likely to love video games based on movies, with the Spider-Man games considered to be among the best of them. Marvel’s Spider-Man got rave reviews when it came out on consoles back in 2018, with millions of copies of the game sold for PlayStation 4. In fact, many people believe that title is the best ever superhero video game to have been made so far.

Resident Evil is a good example of a series where the video games and movies have come to be somewhat intertwined over the years. The Japanese zombie-themed series started out as a game, but it has also been turned into novels, movies, comics and more.

Clothing and memorabilia

If toys and games are not your thing, clothing and other memorabilia could be a great way to show off your love of movies to the world instead. T-shirts with movie logos are extremely popular and there are some stunning designs that are available to buy through the internet.

Memorabilia is a wide-ranging term that can essentially mean any products to do with movies. But hardcore fans love to try and buy items that were actually used in the making of a film. 

British radio host Chris Evans – not to be confused with the Captain America star of the same name! – recently raised a huge amount of money for charity by selling some of his prized movie memorabilia. Evans owned items such as original posters for classic James Bond films Live And Let Die and Dr No, as well as lots such as a replica of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

Buying movie memorabilia could well prove out to be a great investment for the future!

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