The most epic casino scenes from James Bond movies

James Bond: the man who loves a dry martini (shaken not stirred), risks his life with death-defying stunts while taking on villains, and who often has a beautiful lady at the end of his arm. But some of the best Bond moments happen in scenes at the casino. Here, we will take a look back at some of the most epic casino scenes from James Bond movies.

Dr No (1962)

Where better to start than with the very first Bond movie. We were soon introduced to 007’s lifestyle of dangerous missions, relaxing in balmy climates and of course, playing at the casino. The movie opens up with Bond (played by Sean Connery) in the fictional Le Cercle Casino in London, where he’s at the table playing chemin-de-fer. It is your typical old-fashioned casino, with men in tuxedos and glamorous ladies, oozing elegance. While he plays, Bond notices a woman (Sylvia Trench, the first Bond Girl) watching him play. Of course, he gazes back at her, before introducing himself in the way he famously does: “Bond… James Bond”.

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Thunderball (1965)

The fourth movie in the franchise, Thunderball has a memorable casino scene and once again, Bond (played by Connery) is playing chemin-de-fer. This time the game is intense, as our secret agent is playing against villain Emilio Largo. The game becomes a battle of wits and the suspense is real – both characters act like they don’t know each other, but you can tell they are desperate to get the better of one another. Interestingly, although the film is set in Nassau, the Bahamas, this casino scene was actually filmed in London – at Pinewood Studios. Don’t let that spoil it for you, it’s still memorable nonetheless and worth including in our list.

Diamonds are Forever (1971)

Connery plays Bond in what is his final appearance and goes out with a bang, with the casino scene taking place in Las Vegas, no less. Another fictional casino, this one is called the Whyte House, named after mysterious owner, Willard Whyte. 007 can’t resist the charms of Sin City and heads to the craps table. Known for taking a risk or two, Bond ups the stakes in what proves to be a key moment – raising his bet to $10,000. It’s a move that pays off as he manages to win $65,000 while also seducing Plenty O’Toole. He even hands over some of the winnings to the sultry female.

Casino Royale (2006)

This time we have Daniel Craig as Bond, in what was his first film as the secret agent. It’s no surprise that with a title like Casino Royale, there are plenty of casino scenes, with a large proportion of the movie spent at a casino. Poker, namely Texas Hold’em is the game of choice for Bond here, and the scenes are pivotal to the plot of the movie. While there are plenty of players involved, the movie leads up to the climax, whereby 007 is up against the movie’s villain, Le Chiffre. The game is intense, much like any other poker game and fans of the game are sure to appreciate the authenticity of gameplay and anticipation surrounding the casino floor. There are plenty of twists, including Bond needing CIA agent Felix Lieter to stake him in – but all’s well that ends well and *spoiler alert* our hero goes on to win with a straight flush! Think you could do a Bond? Check out Paddy Power poker.

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