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Now and again I get stumped on what I want to watch, for the life of me I cant decide on what to put on. Just the other day this very thing happened and I found myself aimlessly searching the web to pass the time. While checking out an Online casino guide I figured, hell why not watch some casino themed movies.  The movies I choose from created the list below, here they are in no particular order.

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas


The 1998 Terry Gilliam film is one of my all-time favorites, so naturally it makes this list. While it may not involve too much gambling it’s all set in and around Vegas. Fear and Loathing follows Raoul Duke (Johnny Depp) a freelance journalist with a passion for drugs in all its forms. Perhaps one of the most quotable movies of the late 90’s if you haven’t seen this movie, do yourself the favor and watch it.

This is bat country!

Casino Royal Bond


Easily one of the best Bond movies, Casino Royal set the tone for the current era of Bond movies, gritty and more serious than its predecessors. Taking place in the titular casino James Bond (Daniel Craig) must win a high stakes poker game in order to lay waste to the terrorist plot and well save the day as it usually goes. This being somewhat of origin story just kicks the movie up a notch as 007 is new to the game and not his usual suave self. It doesn’t hurt that the masterful Mads Mikkelsen plays the movies main protagonist, love this guy.



Oh boy, Matt Damon, Edward Norton and John Malkovich (in one of his best roles if you ask me) in this 1998 CLASSIC poker movie, yea I said it classic. It’s your classic good guy shitty friend story; Matt has been a good boy and going to school to become a lawyer and having walked away from his past life as a gambler. Everything’s going great until his buddy Edward Norton gets out of prison and guilt’s Matt into resuming his past activities as a poker savant. And well let’s just say things don’t go as planned.

Fantastic movie I’ve never been so ready to give up everything to become a card shark in my life!


Alittle on the nose but seriously, you can’t have a Casino related list without mentioning Martin Scorsese’s masterpiece Casino. Based on a true story and starring Robert De Niro , Sharon Stone and Joe Pesci this is a must see. Taking place is the 70s/80s casino scene where mafia involvement was not only commonplace but expected it portrays a Vegas that lures you in with its promise of big money and spits you out a despot. Ace Rothstein and Nicky Santoro, two Mafioso’s that move to Las Vegas to make their mark and while they may start out as best friends, greed, jealousy and well some really poor decision’s turn them against each other in this epic film. Sure doesn’t hurt that its based on a true story.



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