Why Jurassic Park Is the Best Franchise in History

Why Jurassic Park Is the Best Franchise in History

There’s no shortage of incredible Hollywood movie franchises out there. Indeed, they’re still producing them — the Marvel universe series is one of the most popular there’s ever been and is still going strong. But there’s one that, on balance, you could argue stands out above all the rest. Jurassic Park isn’t often mentioned in the list of best franchises, but there’s every chance that it takes the number one spot. Here, we’ll run through some of the reasons why the story of dinosaurs returning to Earth is so captivating.


It’s Endlessly Adaptable 

Jurassic Park would be considered an all-time classic even if they hadn’t made anymore after the first movie back in 1993. Thankfully, they did. The immediate sequels were solid additions to the franchise, but it really came back to life with the release of the Jurassic World movies. The premise of the Jurassic universe – bringing dinosaurs back to life and watching them cause chaos – is endlessly adaptable. There’ll be a few bumps along the way, much as there have been in the Star Wars universe, but the scope for awesome movies is large. We’ll switch off if they make a “Jurassic Park in Space!” movie, though.

It’s Other Media-Friendly 

Fans of the Jurassic Park universe don’t necessarily have to wait until a new movie comes out for their fix of dinosaur madness, which is just as well because releases are sporadic. There’s an endless amount of other media that fans can consume, however. They could play one of the many Jurassic Park-themed board games on a rainy day, for instance, or use a free spins casino deal to try their hand at a Jurassic slots game. There’s also a long list of comic book adaptations and toys to choose from, too. The Jurassic Park world is much bigger than just the movies, and it’s all the better for it.

It Pushed Cinema-Making Forward 

Jurassic Park didn’t just have a great storyline; it also pushed cinema-making forward. It’s easy to forget now when CGI and other elements of Hollywood magic are commonplace, but, back then, the idea of creating life-like dinosaurs that looked good on the screen was absurd. It blew audiences away. Some elements of CGI and animatronics were seen for the first time back in the first movie. And it also pushed some stylistic elements forward, too. For example, the sounds of the movie – and we don’t mean the soundtrack, we mean the actual ambient sounds, like the sounds of the insects in the rainforest, which help to create an immersive experience for the viewer.


Everyone Loves It

There are, of course, other huge franchises in the Hollywood world. But here’s the thing: many of the others are equally as disliked as they are liked. Star Wars has a loyal and large following, but there are nearly as many people who want nothing to do with it. Jurassic Park is different. Everyone likes it. It’s one of the most beloved movies of all time because everyone can enjoy it. From young to old, cinema buffs to casual movie viewers, you’ll always get a round of applause when you suggest Jurassic Park.

It’s the Perfect Blockbuster Movie

Finally, there’s the “movie night at home” factor. Jurassic Park, any of the movies from the franchise, might be the best option of all for this. Why? Because it has elements of everything that you’d look for from a Friday/Saturday/Sunday night movie. It’s scary in parts and funny in others. It has the perfect run time. It doesn’t make you work too hard, but it does make you think. It sucks you into a make-believe world while also keeping one of your feet in the real world. And it does all this with brilliant cinematography, characters, and, you know, dinosaurs! It would be difficult to ask for anything else from a movie. The Jurassic Park franchise gives you everything you could be looking for, and it’s fun for everyone. Perfect.

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