Casino Based On A True Story? Shocking Facts About Casino Real Story

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The classic Casino movie was released back in 1995. Main character Robert De Niro, together with Joe Pesci and Sharon Stone. This story is about Frank “Lefty” Rosenthal real-life character, who managed the Stardust Casino, Fremont. Hacienda was working for the mob in the 1970s/1980s in Las Vegas.

Real portrait of the Robert De Niro, the protagonist of one of the best one among the list of popular casino gambling movies of all time

Immediately after its release, several people wondered if Casino (1995 film) was a real story and what amount depicts real-life events. Like any other movie based on true events, its storyline is not 100% faithful to real life in all details. But, several true events were too good to be left out of this movie’s script.  In this article, we explore the movie Casino true story, facts and interesting scenes that you definitely need to know about.

Who are Casino Characters in Real Life?

The main characters’ lives in the Casino replicate the individuals’ real life. For instance, Sam Rothstein is based on Frank Rosenthal, and Ginger McKenna is based on Geri McGee, Nick — on Anthony Splitotro, with Phillip on Glick. This movie was filmed in Las Vegas Valley. The office and the casino scenes were at the popular Riviera Hotel, while the casino was at the Las Vegas strip. Its movie’s driving scene was shot at Las Vegas Fremont Street, which is no longer open to automobile traffic.


Casino Movie True: Is It a True Story Gambling Movie?

Like several other movies with a true history in their plot, there are some examples here. In other plays based on a real story, you will always get bits that have been added to bring out the drama effect or parts being changed. Despite some parts being changed, the casino movie real story. 

👀#1. Movie Casino Heroes Were on Real Prototypes

All main characters are Casino real people, so there is no doubt that the casino movie based on true story.. Sam Rothstein is a very popular Ginger McKenna and Frank Rosenthal character on the previous Las Vegas showgirl Rosenthal’s wife, Geri McGee. Phillip Green is Allen Glick, a mobster, and tycoon who passed away recently, and Nicky Santoro is based on Anthony Spilotro (Tony Spilotro). Things that look the same are all over Sam Rothstein, and they do not complete real life Casino characters traits. 

Anthony Spilotro drivers license

👀#2. Rosenthal Didn’t Have a Gambling License

Yes, this is a true story! In reality, Frank “Lefty” Rosenthal had no gaming license. Through his association with criminal organizations, this mob was aware that getting a gaming license would not be safe. To help solve the problem, this mod opted to give Rosenthal lesser high-profile casinos titles where he worked, including the beverage and food manager and the entertainment director. 

The deception comes into the mind in a courtroom, where he offers a public glimpse of how that entire legal process used to be corrupt at that time. Funny enough, Rosenthal was in a similar outburst and court case at one time. 

👀#3. A Past Casino Executive Was Spied Out on And Murdered in His House

Several killing scenes are shown in that movie, and some of them really happened. Among murders, the most inglorious was when the casino executive was murdered after being killed in Costa Rica.

👀#4. Spilotro and Geri Had an Affair

McKenna, Rothstein, and Santoro’s love triangle in that film plays a crucial part in the death of some of the characters. It is putative that McGee, Rosenthal’s ex-wife, and Spilotro were having an affair. But, it is unlikely that this had consequences in that film. That affair was disliked by the mob.

👀#5. Rosenthal Really Survived the Car Explosion

The exact moment when Rothstein survives the bombing in his car is based on a real-life situation that took plSam Rothstein Rosenthal’s life. It is still unclear how Rosenthal managed to come out of the ordeal alive. The metal stabilization plate situated below its driver’s seat did save his ass. 

👀#6. Geri’s Death Was by Overdose

The death of Rosenthal’s ex-wife Geri was one of the saddest parts of his life due to an overdose. This has been accurately portrayed in this Movie Casino, with Stone’s McKenna also going through the same fate in a motel when it ends. 

Both Spilotro and his brother were murdered and buried in Indiana cornfields. Pesci’s Santoro, together with his brother, is discovered by Frank Marino immediately after the Rothstein car bombing happened in what is the most iconic death of the gangster movie in history. The same happened to Anthony Spilotro, the true life situation of Santoro. He was buried in the cornfield by monsters in Indiana with his brother. 

Everything That Hasn’t Been Told You About Casino Real Story

All the films that are inspired by true events are known to contain some slight differences. 

It can be due to legal reasons or dramatic effects. 

They have to make it a little bit juicy. It is a movie; in real life, it can be a bit boring, revealed Frank Cullotta when speaking to Uproxx. 

You have to read more if you are interested in knowing more about the true story and how this mob lost Las Vegas.  Here are things that have not been told about Casino real story. 

Names Have Been Changed for the Film

All names for the were changed as legal protection against any form of litigation. This is despite the main characters having real-life counterparts. This was because “Casino: Love and Honor in Las Vegas,” Pileggi’s non-fiction book, was not in a position to offer legal protection as it had not yet been published before this film started production.

Tangiers Casino is Fictional

De Niro’s Sam Rothstein did run the functional Tangiers casino as part of Scorsese’s concessions to the Universal Pictures legal department. Filming was done in Riviera Casino in Las Vegas instead of on a set to provide authentic scenes the set could not offer. 

According to Rosenthal’s revelation in an interview, Frank Rosenthal was managing four casinos in Las Vegas. “There were four properties: three hotels under the corporation and four casinos. The command post was Stardust Hotel, the Marina, Hacienda, Casino, and Fremont Hotel,” revealed Rosenthal.

Frank Rosenthal Hosted a Talk Show But Never Juggled

In this Casino, after Nevada declined to issue the gaming license, Sam Rothstein opted to host a talk show out of Tangiers, which was against the Chicago Outfit suggestion of keeping a low profile. But, Sam Rothstein justifies its decision to host a talk show by claiming it is a way of creating a platform where he can advocate for a gaming license application to be reconsidered. This gives him a reason to hang around the Casino he is managing without having the proper paperwork. 

Rosenthal Was the First Vegas Casino Manager to Hire Female Dealers

Rosenthal is the first-ever casino manager on the Vegas trip to employ female dealers. Despite seeing female dealers in this film, audiences are not told that is the new hiring policy for the time. Rosenthal revealed, “There is an old mentality that females are not in a position to do this job. Instead, they are good enough to serve cocktails and be showgirls, which is just nuts. The pot increased instantly when we had female dealers.”

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