Best Movies and TV Shows on American Netflix in 2020

Streaming is the new TV. Digital viewership numbers have soared in recent years and the concept of video-on-demand has led to numerous platforms flooding the market. Netflix, however, continues to reign supreme with 167 million subscribers across 190 countries. It holds the No. 1 spot in the streaming services market by a huge margin and continues to assert its dominance by regularly launching some chart-topping shows. 

These audience-favorite programs, unfortunately, are not freely available to stream anywhere in the world. Depending on licensing restrictions and demand from respective viewers, Netflix varies the library titles that it offers between countries. American Netflix holds the biggest library with geographic restrictions trimming down the available titles significantly in other countries. Before we list the best movies and TV shows to watch on Netflix, let’s discuss how users can access the US library from anywhere in the world.   

Use a Netflix VPN to ensure access from anywhere in the world

The difference between content that is available on Netflix libraries across the globe, can spoil the fun for many viewers. Imagine being a US citizen but not being able to follow your favorite show because you are travelling and that particular program is not accessible where you are. A Netflix VPN provide an easy and effective solution for this. These services mask user IP addresses so that no matter where a user is located, they can easily enjoy shows from American Netflix,

Best TV Shows on Netflix USA

There are currently more than 5800 TV shows and movies available on Netflix’s US library. There were more than 350 TV shows and movies introduced to the platform in 2019 alone. Netflix has exclusively produced some of the most famous shows the world has ever seen. These include Bird Box, Stranger Things, Money Heist, Murder Mystery, House of Cards, Breaking Bad and numerous others. The five best shows on Netflix according to audience and reviewer ratings today are:

The Witcher

Starring Henry Cavil, The Witcher is a series that follows Geralt of Rivia whose work as a mutant ‘witcher’ means that he slays monsters for rewards. He finds himself in the midst of something bigger when his destiny entwines with a orphaned princess being chased by a powerful sorceress testing the limits of her powers. The story is mesmerizing with the cast and their performances being spoken of quite highly. For an avid viewer, this series is one to watch. 


Stranger Things

Anyone who has been on Netflix has come across the show titled Stranger Things. If you are new to the streaming platform there is a chance that you’ve heard the name of the program at least. The show is now in its third season and showcases the story of the people in a small town in search for a young boy who vanished into thin air. Season 3 picks up in 1985 where the villagers begin to find themselves under the influence of a strange supernatural force. 


Drive to Survive

If you are a fan of Formula 1 then this is the show for you watch especially with the new season about to get underway, there is no better answer to the excitement and anticipation of witnessing who is going to win the championship this year. The Netflix original series follows the journey behind the scenes of what happens in the world of F1 or specifically what happened during the 2019 season. The show sees Red Bull’s Christian Horner and Haas’s Guenther Steiner reprise their star roles. 


The Crown


If historical events are of interest to you than The Crown is a must-watch on Netflix. It is a historical drama web series about the reign of Queen Elizabeth II. The Queen is currently the longest serving monarch in British history and this series explores her life and duties that come with the throne in great detail. It is an amazing take on history with creative dramatization of the events that have shaped the British empire to be what is it is today. 

Star Trek; The Next Generation

This is the seventh series of a show that needs no introduction. For those of you who are unaware, Star Trek is the story of the USS Enterprise that is out on a five-year mission to explore strange new worlds while seeking out new life. Star Trek; The Next Generation has been touted as the best among all seven seasons of the franchise. Whether or not it deserves this title, users can decide that for themselves by watching it.  


Best Movies on Netflix USA

With movies, it is hard to determine which one is best and which is not. They are produced much faster than TV shows with shorter run durations. Despite that, here are the five best movies you can watch on Netflix right now:

  • Marriage Story,
  • Raiders of the Lost Ark,
  • Zodiac, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse,
  • The Irishman,
  • El Camino,
  • Strong Island, 
  • Mr. Roosevelt,
  • Chasing Coral etc. 

For a more comprehensive list you can visit Rotten Tomatoes. The site list 250 of the greatest movies available on Netflix at the moment. It is a treasure chest that you can explore with an extensive number of options that can be worth the time no matter where you are. This is the great thing about Netflix that it doesn’t let you get bored at any time. 


Netflix continues to drop original productions each month. One of their latest productions, Messiah, although extremely controversial is being watched a lot by different audiences worldwide. There is something available for everyone on the platform but in order to get the best experiences, you have to be able to access US Netflix and this is not possible from anywhere outside the country. With a Netflix VPN though, this issues can be resolved easily allowing unlimited access to all content, anytime, anywhere. 

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