The Best Cryptocurrency Documentaries To Watch

Cryptocurrencies are all the rage right now, with more and more taking a keen interest in the likes of Bitcoin and Ethereum. As a result, this has led to not only a huge desire for ordinary folk to sign up for a bitcoin wallet from reputable brands such as Luno, but it has also roused interest in finding out more about digital currencies. There are some fantastic documentaries out there which offer a great insight into all things crypto, and if you’re thinking about watching a couple, read on for our tips below.

The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin (2014)

Computer programmer Daniel Mross takes viewers on a journey through the life and times of the world’s first-ever cryptocurrency Bitcoin in this movie, touching on all the controversies relating to the world’s leading digital currency. Focusing on the early days, Mross documents how Bitcoin was born and how it’s managed to establish itself as the market leader today. Interestingly, The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin features Gavin Andresen, a key figure in the scene, and one who has had dialogue with the elusive Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin and you can find more info from Coinformant.

I am Satoshi (2015)

Speaking of Satoshi Nakamoto, the film I am Satoshi is a must-watch for anyone considered getting involved with the crypto scene, or for people keen on learning more. Without Nakamoto, there wouldn’t have been Bitcoin, and therefore the crypto craze may never have happened. I am Satoshi is a documentary often described as non-mainstream, but it does present a fantastic argument for using cryptos over traditional currencies and banking systems.

The Bitcoin Gospel (2015)

The Bitcoin Gospel goes all out to explain why everyone should make use of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies due to the advantages provided. As far as documentaries on the subject go, this could be one of the most in-depth, with the financial crisis of ’08 explored, as well as reasons why central banks are kicking back against cryptos. The Bitcoin Gospel also features famous figures from the scene such as Roger Vic and Peter Todd, who share their opinions on matters at hand. Mining is topic covered in this documentary too, making it ideal for anyone interested in that side of things.

Trust Machine: The Story of Blockchain (2018)

Trust Machine: The Story of Blockchain is the perfect watch for those wanting to see how cryptos have developed over nearly a decade. Since the launch of Bitcoin, countless other cryptocurrencies have appeared, and while some have gone on to be successful, others haven’t. The documentary also looks at how countries have adopted cryptocurrencies, with some in use in everyday life. Problems currently facing the industry are addressed too, with a look at what to expect in the future.

The four documentaries above will teach the viewer about the beginnings of cryptocurrencies, their history, the journey that has followed, and what’s to come next. A thorough understanding will be on offer in what is an exciting adventure. Knowledge is crucial for anyone looking to get involved with cryptocurrencies, and there’s plenty of information to glean here.

  • Acting - /10
  • Cinematography/Visual Effects - /10
  • Plot/Screenplay - /10
  • Setting/Theme - /10
  • Watchability - /10
  • Rewatchability - /10
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