The Movie Blog Uncut LIVE – April 9th 2008

Here is the pre-recorded Movie Blog Uncut LIVE done Wednesday April 9th, 2008. Ashley and I talk more Uwe Boll brilliance, the loss of traditional film critics… we talk with Senior Editor of Rotten Tomatoes Jen Yamato and a few things more.

If you’d like like the audio version, you can get it here.

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13 thoughts on “The Movie Blog Uncut LIVE – April 9th 2008

  1. Thanks everyone for all the great feedback :-)

    I love being a part of The Movie Blog and it’s always nice to know that my presence is enjoyed…by most of you anyway *wink*

    PS: Mozzerino, thanks for the giggle!

  2. Ashley is fine but… listening to the show, I wish Doug was back; big time!
    Just not the same without Doug… John. Oh well… Ashley is kind of nice to look at but she’s know Doug when it comes to his outlandish personality and outrageous comments!!! If it wasn’t for you John, I would’ve tuned out… :(

    Get well quick Doug and Get Back On The Show!!!! We need you buddy!!!


  3. Ashley’s pretty good though, and she actually seems to be intelligent and has a good personality for the show, and isn’t just there for T&A.

  4. I am content with the fact that we are all nerds. How well you hide it in situations is what sets up apart.

    Man with painted chest in sponsorship of his favorite football team?: Nerd.
    Chick checking out the latest fashion tips in three different magazines?: Nerd.
    Thai hermaphrodite cataloging his top 30 jazz saxophone collection?: Nerd.

    Stereotypes? Check.

  5. Oh my god, Ashley looks even hotter than she sounds! Who would have thought? Finally a reason to watch the video version of UNCUT and LIVE.

    Did that come across as some sad nerd fantasizing about hot women who are into the sad, manchild-dominated world of movie-geekdom? Well, you caught me there I’m afraid.

    Except that I’m no sad nerd. I’m hot. And very cool. Ashley, please believe me!
    Did that come across as desperate now? Aeeeermmmm…..I think I better stop now.

  6. Why, oh why, do I have to live out in the woods with no high speed!? WHY?! I long to join in, but alas, left in the cold once more.

    Overall, a great video blog once again and filled with sugary goodness..


  7. Is there an RSS feed for the live shows to download later? There used to be one when the live shows first started for people like me who couldn’t catch it live.

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