5 Tips for Having a Fun and Productive Weekend in College

One of the things you notice when you are a college student is how quickly your weekend passes by. You would like to be able to take advantage of not having to go to class by catching up on your schoolwork or by enjoying some time socially.  To be fair students don’t like spend all time with books or Internet finding there scholarship essay writing help or preparing some science researches. There are hundreds of things we would like to be doing, but we cannot fit them all into 48 hours. If you get the sense that your weekends are being squandered away, we have some tips that might help you stay productive.

Tip #1) Plan Your Weekend Activities before it Arrives

If you expect to make the most of your weekends you should make plans ahead of time. Take inventory of you all of your “must-do” responsibilities such as assignments, study time, reading, work, building your resume, etc. Prioritize these responsibilities and spread them out over the two days you have off. Do not let unexpected surprises derail you. It is okay to take some time to catch up with friends and have fun, but do not allow these situations to put you off track. 

Tip #2) Try to Keep the Alcohol Consumption at Bay

This should not be a surprise to you. It is okay to have fun with friends and imbibe in moderation – but the keyword here is moderation. You should know your limits and be conscious of how much alcohol you are consuming at any given point. Remember that its effects are long-lasting, meaning that you will also lose valuable time if you wake up with a hangover.  

Tip #3) Get Out and Get Active with Physical Activities

Exercise is great! It helps keep students physically and mentally healthy. It can help get your heart rate up and blood flowing. Sweating helps cleanse your body because you expel toxins and push your muscles to the limit. Your sleep will improve and the time you spend resting or recovering will have effects that are more positive and reduce your levels of stress. Even just a few hours at the gym or outdoors will make a huge impact on your productivity. 

Tip #4) Give Yourself Regular Treats Throughout

A lot of students will wait to reward themselves until Sunday and only if they addressed or wrapped up all of their responsibilities. This is a fine strategy, however, more students have found that giving themselves the occasional reward will help them stay motivated and will give them the little break they need to go back to their work feeling refreshed. Spend some time with friends, enjoy a nice lunch or dinner, or catch a movie. These things do not take up too much time and will make your weekends feel less stressful. 

Tip #5) Make a Schedule and Task or Goal List

Every minute you plan for can slip away quickly and without notice. It is important you make a schedule and stick to it. Break down every responsibility into smaller tasks or goals and be sure to check your list frequently, checking off each item upon completion and making adjustments as needed. With this system, you will find that getting through important tasks or goals is much more manageable.

As a college student, you should try to have as much fun as you can. This is one of the things that make college an experience that so many people look back upon with fondness. However, it is also important that one takes his or her time at school seriously – and weekends are particularly crucial towards this methodology. The tips above will help you make changes that should allow you to be more fun and productive on weekends. Try them and let us know what works for you.

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