9 Horror Movies that will Give Your Girlfriend the Creeps

For this list, we took films, most of which failed to become megahits for various reasons, but this doesn’t make them less scary. If you want to surprise your girl with something more original than sex movies, these titles will come in handy.

The Abandoned (2006)

The beginning is classic – the heroine comes to an abandoned house she inherited, meets her ghost double, runs to the family pond terrified, and then… Despite that from the point of view of the plot and special effects, it’s the ordinary and sometimes even tedious horror movie, but it copes with its main task. It really scares. We don’t know why, but it’s frightening.

Ju-on: The Grudge (2002)

The Japanese know a lot about horror films. And the fact that The Grudge is considered a rival to the cult film The Ring is the best recommendation a horror movie can get. This is a story telling us that there’s nothing more terrible than the death curse of a murdered man. If the ghost chooses you as his victim, there’s no way you can escape him. If, for some unfortunate coincidence, you haven’t watched this film yet – do it now.

Pan’s Labyrinth (2006)

It’s a magnificent film from the magnificent director set during the WWII. Dark reality is tightly interwoven with the eerie parallel world surrounding the main character – the young girl Ophelia. Pan’s Labyrinth is an infinitely beautiful and rather creepy story about a child, who sacrifices herself in this world to find immortality in another.

The Unborn (2009)

Unexplained suicides, nightmarish visions, strange events, children possessed with evil spirits – all this is the classic of the genre you’ll find in The Unborn. But the film stands out with its rude attitude towards the viewer. As if the scriptwriters, the operators, and the director himself test how horror-proof we are. Try not to scream.

The Orphanage (2000)

No maniacs, monsters, and blood. Instead, we get almost two hours of suspense and emotions and a very interesting story. The film follows a young family that comes to an abandoned mansion to restore the orphanage there. And everything seems fine until little Simon finds himself strange invisible friends.

The Changeling (1979)

John Russell, who lost his wife and daughter under tragic circumstances, comes to an old estate and meets a small and rather malicious ghost. John decides to explore the history of the house and learns its terrible secret. In general, this is another really scary movie about dead children that has long become classic.

Mama (2013)

In an abandoned shack, somewhere in the forest, locals find two orphans. Distant relatives decide to adopt the little ones, but there’s one problem. It turns out that the orphans have a mother that comes to them from the darkness. This thing is scarier than your match’s fake Tinder photos.

Trick ‘r Treat (2007)

In four intersecting stories, the characters violate the traditions of Halloween, ending up in trouble. We’ll meet a teacher, who’s, in fact, a serial killer; a virgin-student waiting for her prince; a married couple where the husband loves All Saints’ Day, and the wife doesn’t share his enthusiasm; and a group of teenagers, who plan a rude prank.

Candyman (1992)

In Chicago, there’s a legend about a mysterious maniac, named Candyman, who hides in the parallel world. He doesn’t need a knife to hurt you: he has a hook for the hand that does this job perfectly. Most of the time, Candyman is beyond our reality. But if you stand in front of a mirror and say his name five times in a row, he’ll cross this unsteady line. A group of young scientists, who don’t believe in the mysterious Candyman, begin studying this legend.

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