“Unfit” Is Fascinating Must-See Documentary About Donald J. Trump

The documentary “Unfit,” (now available for rental on Amazon Prime) is the perfect companion piece to Mary Trump’s (DJT’s niece) book “Too Much and Never Enough” explaining Donald J. Trump.  Both informative works feature trained professional psychiatrists or psychologists answering George Conway’s (Kellyanne Conway’s husband and founder of the Lincoln … [Read More]

Classic Horror Films

October is finally here and we will be spooking you! Check out these oldies but goodies that are now showing in some theaters in the USA. That’s right, some movie theaters have brought back a few of your favorite classic Halloween films. Check out the trailers below and let me … [Read More]

Marvel’s 616 Trailer

Behold a television documentary series which portrays all aspects of the Marvel Universe! Disney+ brings you the Marvel’s 616 anthology series which digs deep into the characters, their creators and stories within the Marvel Universe. The series comprises of eight documentaries each created by a unique filmmaker. These documentaries showcase … [Read More]

The Lost Art Of The Samurai Film

Film is a storytelling artform, and many of the best films are simply new versions of stories or ideas that we are already familiar with.  Samurai stories existed long before modern times, but they remained unnoticed by Western culture for centuries. By that logic, the samurai film genre shouldn’t exist. … [Read More]