The Simpsons Movie becoming a reality

From Variety.Com via Yahoo: There’s exxx-cellent news for fans of “The Simpsons”: Homer and the gang may finally be coming to the bigscreen. After years of rumors and wishful thinking, “Simpsons” gurus Matt Groening and James L. Brooks (news) are leading a team of writers in actively developing an animated … [Read More]

I wish I had one of these

Maybe I’m just really behind the times, but I just saw this amazing little gizmo set up at my local Future Shop. Basically you can take any DVD in the store (there are thousands of them) and swipe the bar code over it, and then the machine instantly shows you … [Read More]

Marvel and Pixar talking

What’s that warm feeling in my pants? Oh yeah, I’m pissing myself with excitement. I don’t really know how likely a Pixar/Marvel partnership is, but just the idea of it is really cool: Too good to be true? Well, today’s Hollywood Reporter reveals that Pixar Animation Studios and Marvel Enterprises … [Read More]