X-Men 3 and 4 talk

If you’ve read The Movie Blog for very long you know that I think the X-Men movies are the best comic films ever made. The first one totally resurrected the genre after Batman and Robin had killed it. Now the talk of the next couple of films is starting to … [Read More]

Mmmm … Pang-y goodness …

Good news for fans of Thai wonder-twin directors Danny and Oxide Pang. The duo first built their name with the international success of Bangkok Dangerous, the story of a deaf mute hit man that played out like the illicit love child of John Woo (before he inexplicably started to suck … [Read More]

Ken Watanabe joins batman cast

At this point, it looks like EVERYTHING is going right for the new Batman film. The cast is already fantastic: Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman, Katie Holmes, Cillian Murphy, Liam Neeson (one of my favorite actors in the world) and Guy Pearce. Now the crowning jewl. It’s being reported … [Read More]

King Arthur riding our way

I’ve always been a sucker for “epic” kind of movies. I’m also known for having a soft spot for fantasy films of almost any kind. It’s a rare occasion when you get the two together, so when I heard about the upcoming King Arthur movie I was instantly intrigued. Another … [Read More]