The Forgotten Reviews

I am sad this morning my good readership. One of the few films that I’ve truly been looking forward to post summer was The Forgotten. Solid cast, interesting trailer without giving ANYTHING away, and a cool title all worked together to build my hopes up for seeing it this Friday. … [Read More]

The Last Shot Reviews

It seems like no matter what Alec Baldwin does, he’s destined to not get the respect he deserves as a top notch actor. Maybe it’s because of his brothers, maybe it’s because of his divorce from Kim Basinger or perhaps he ticked of some whitch doctor. Who knows. Pair him … [Read More]

Abominable Trailer

Ever since the Blair Witch Project, I’ve developed a small fascination with movies produced on a relatively small budget. Ginger Snaps is one that jumps out at me as well as the recent Open Water. I’ve also always loved films that take a new look at classic fables… put the … [Read More]