Full Lemony Snicket Trailer Online

Well we linked to the teaser a little while back and now the full trailer’s online … I’m thinking the production design looks pretty fantastic but from what I’ve seen thus far Jim Carrey’s performance will either be absolutely amazing or mind numbingly annoying. Let’s just say this isn’t one … [Read More]

Official Ring 2 Website Launches

There’s not much there yet but the official Dreamworks website for the Hideo Nakata helmed sequel to The Ring has just launched here. Nakata’s the man behind the original Japanese Ring and between this, the coming video release of his Dark Water, the coming Dark Water remake and the news … [Read More]

Whee! Major Hellboy Giveaway!

Hey there boys and girls. Here it is. You’ve been waiting with bated breath, I know, and you are now officially free to resume respiration for here it is: our very first contest. Thanks to our friends over at Sideshow Collectibles – creators and purveyors of the absolute best geek … [Read More]