Is SuperSize Me a Con?

According to THIS website, the details laid out in the now popular film Supersize Me may not be accurate. Is this a conspiracy theory of “valid testimonies” to discredit the now tubby film subject?? Consider also that Spurlock once ran a short lived TV series called “I Bet You Will,” … [Read More]

Fun with Irony. Say Cheese!

Okay, we’ve all seen those “Please don’t video tape this screen” or “Video Tape this and we’ll duct tape your ass” warnings in movie Theatres, right? If not, welcome to 2004 – they’re up there. Before anything starts, you’ve got a nice warning asking the audience to help catch anyone … [Read More]

Summer Movie Round up Part 1

Ok, this list may not accurately reflect the opinions of Day-Vuh or Bubba, but they are my opinions, and therefore the correct ones. Here’s my rankings of the summer flicks so far. #1 Shrek 2 ‚Äì This was a thoroughly entertaining movie. Overall I’d say the first one is a … [Read More]