Marriage in the Movies

Ok so this isnt really about the movies. But just to prove just how obsessed… er.. interested in Movies my fiance and I are, we are getting married in a Movie Theatre. We were scheduled to be on an episode of Life Network’s Wierd Weddings but the network has chosen … [Read More]

Why is Rob Liefeld still making money?

Spotted at Coming Spyglass has preemptively purchased a pitch based on the yet-to-be-published online comicstrip Spin, created by Rob Liefeld, reports Variety. Kara Holden is writing the film’s script. The fantasy comedy in the vein of Bruce Almighty concerns a highly successful single woman whose life is uprooted when … [Read More]

A Thought For the Day.

If the PR people and the wealthy CEO’s of the Fast Food Industry would put half of the effort that they are putting into funding their own conclusions and writing articles that slam a small time film-maker, and put it into making their food not as heart-stoppingly fattening – maybe, … [Read More]

Mel Gibson Suing Regal Entertainment

Well, Jesus never struck me as the litigious sort but Mel Gibson seems to be … Gibson’s Icon Productions is suing theater chain Regal Entertainment for upwards of forty million saying that Regal promised to pay out a “studio” share rather than an “indie” share of the boxoffice take. Basically … [Read More]