Constantine Teaser Online

Found this one thanks to the good folks over at CHUD … Of all the comic book flicks in the works these days one of the most surprising to me personally and the one drawing hands down the most advance hate is the upcoming Constantine, an adaptation of Alan Moore’s … [Read More]

But Will it Star a Culkin?

Another one to make you scratch your head and make you say “huh?” Variety is reporting that Warner Brothers has acquired rights to adapt a film version of Jonathan Larson’s award winning musical Rent. No big surprise there. With the success of Chicago studios have been looking to get back … [Read More]

More Asian Creepiness …

Holy crap do Asians ever tell good ghost stories. I’m not generally a horror movie fan but I make a HUGE exception for Asian ghost films because there have been some goooooood ones lately (The Ring, The Eye, Dark Water, Juon) and it looks like there are a couple more … [Read More]