Remember this name: James Franco

James Franco, the young actor who plays Harry (Peter Parker’s best friend) in the Spider-Man films, is suddenly a very hot commodity in Hollywood, and deservedly so. Not only does he give first rate performances to this background character, but he has the “look” of a legitimate Hollywood leading man. … [Read More]

Download Spiderman 2 in Full.

Well, chances are you’ve been dying to see Spiderman 2 but you haven’t seen it yet. And you think Downloading it will be faster, yes? Well, I’ll be honest. We don’t have it. That’s right. I lied. I just thought we’d get lots of Google hits from people looking for … [Read More]


This just sucks. The Japanese DVD release of Mamoru Oshii’s Innocence – the sequel to the hugely influential Ghost in the Shell and owner of the most technically impressive animation I have ever laid eyes on – has just been announced and it DOESN’T INCLUDE SUBTITLES!!!! Despair. Sadness. Weeping and … [Read More]

Izo Trailer Online!

Whee! The trailer for Takashi Miike’s Izo has appeared online and it looks as though Miike’s back in full on insanity mode … a time travelling and seemingly invincible samurai, vampires, Takeshi Kitano, and the Ultimate Fighting brother of Warren Sapp in a Takashi Miike film! How good is that? … [Read More]

Okay, New Rule …

Right boys and girls … I’ve mentioned this from time to time on individual threads but here it is in great big letters where you can all see it: Posting multiple times with multiple names to create false conversations and the general impression that a whole lot of people agree … [Read More]