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Movie Blogging #1

Hey guys. Since it’s a slow Sunday I thought I’d test this out now. Some of you may remember I tried out the idea of doing a Movie Blog comic strip last summer… I saw this new product at SXSW and just thought I’d try it out for fun. Your … [Read More]

Mongol Review

Hey there guys.  Thanks for checking out our Mongol review from the SXSW film festival.  This is a film that Doug has been looking forward to seeing for a while now.  Did it measure up to his expectations?  Yeah… it sure did. The General Idea Plot outline from IMDB: The … [Read More]

The Promotion Review

Hey guys, thanks for checking out our review of The Promotion. The General Idea Plot outline from IMDB: Two assistant managers of a corporate grocery store vie for a coveted promotion. The Good This film benefitted from a simple and enjoyable story. The movie investigates what can happen to good … [Read More]