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Fantastic Four Reviews

Fantastic Four reviews are coming in hot an heavy… and OH MY GOODNESS is the movie getting slammed! No really folks… I haven’t seen initial negative reviews like this since the car wreck known as Electra. I think we all thought this movie was going to suck big time right … [Read More]

X-Men 3 sexed up?

Is this man responsible or is it merely another rumour? It sounds like a rumour, but then again there is a little hint of possible reality that is just enough for concern. Sure, we’ll all really have to wait and see, but in the meantime…let’s all panic! From Ananova: A … [Read More]

Rent – The Movie

With the success of films like Chicago and the vastly superior Moulin Rouge!, it shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that this mini trend of broadway plays moving to the big screen is continuing. Next up at bat is the smash hit “Rent“. The good folks aver at Monsters and … [Read More]