Uncut Podcast

The Audio Edition Vol 35

AudioDescription= This week, we talk about and review Steve Carrell film The 40 Year Old Virgin. Also, we take some time to discuss the loss of Joe Ranft to a car accident earlier this week and what a terrible tragedy this is for the film industry as a whole. We also take some time to talk about the concept of a movie ticket system where each ticket is for a specific seat in a theater. All this and a few things more.

Audio Edition Vol 34

AudioDescription= This week Doug and I are joined once again by Canadain Actress Sharon Dewitt as we review the new Kate Hudson film The Skeleton Key, we also have the sad duty of reviewing Rob Schneider’s new film Deuce Bigalow: European Gigalo (here a sneak preview… the film blows). We also find some time to talk about Ali G joining Will Farrell in an upcoming NASCAR movie, Halle Berry and all the negative drama surrounding X-Men 3 and a few things more.

Audio Edition Vol 33

AudioDescription= This week on The Audio Edition, we review and discuss The Dukes of Hazzard, rant about why on earth movie studios launch official movie websites when they don’t have them ready yet with any content, more Batman sequel talk, how Sony got away with nothing but a light slap on the wrist for their lying to the public with the fake movie critic… and a few things more.

Audio Edition Vol. 32

AudioDescription= This week, we cover topics like what went wrong with The Island, the brain dead movie studio executives deciding to up the amount of ads before a film, Wonder Woman casting rumours, the move to digital projection in all movie theatres and a few things more.

The Audio Edition Vol. 31

AudioDescription=This week Doug and I talk about the leagal problems facing The Island, why gay actors stay “in the closet”, saying good bye to James Doohan and the upcoming Colin Farrell sex video. All this and much much more.

Audio Edition Vol. 30 with Richard Brunton

AudioDescription=In this Edition, we are lucky enough to be joined, via the wonders of technology, by Movie Blog writer Richard Brunton all the way from Scotland! Just a heads up, there are some technical issues and Richard cuts in and out a couple of times… but we’ll get all those issues worked out for his next appearance.

In this edition we talk about Keith Richards in Pirates of the Caribbean 2, THe potential of 4 vilians in Spiderman 3, the huge mistake that is Highlander 5, War of the Worlds and much more.

Audio Edition Vol. 29 With Sharon Dewitt

AudioDescription=It’s time for some Audio Edition action. In this Edition, we are joined once again by comedian/actress/screenwriter and all around hot babe Sharon Dewitt (you may remember her from Vol. 17) What makes her appearance on the show extra extra special is that she just returned from filming her first lead role in a feture film called “Zombie Night 2”. We’re just all giddy. In this edition we talk about Bewitched, Land of the Dead, and just because we’re immature… we also talk about the various nude scenes Sharon has in her new film. That and a few things more!

The Audio Edition Vol. 28

AudioDescription= It’s that time of week again… time for another installment of The Audio Edition! This week we cover topics such as Love interests in action films, killing kids and dogs in movies, the Tom Crusie sprayed in face incident, Alan Cumming droped from X-Men and a few things more.

The Audio Edition: Special Batman Begins Edition

AudioDescription=If any of you read my review of Batman begins you already know I thought it was a fantastic film. What does Doug think about it? Well… listen and find out. We also quickly cover Mr. & Mrs. Smith, the curse of the shaking camera and a few things more.

The Audio Edition: Revenge of the Sith Debate Edition

AudioDescription=WITH NEW IMPROVED SOUND QUALITY! It’s that time of the week for The Audio Edition! This week Doug and I hit on one topic and one topic only… The Revenge of the Sith. To be more specific, we debate if it was a good or bad film. On the “Good” side is myself… and on the “Sucked” side is Doug.

The Movie Blog: Audio Edition Vol. 25

AudioDescription=This week on the Audio Edition Doug and I discuss some of the deeper more important issues in life. Deep important issues like the new Star Wars Revenge of the Sith. Issues that your father should talk to you about like the ludicrous decision to sact Lindsay Lohan in the upcoming Mission Impossible 3. Other major life issues like Will Ferrell in Kicking and Screaming, the stupidity of people who call anyone who doesn’t like their favorite celebrity “just jealous”, the fantastic news that Kelsey Grammer is going to be Beast in X-Men 3, the experience of watching a movie in a theater vs. watching one at home, and the Canadian Band Whoosh. Enjoy.

The Audio Edition: Revenge of the Sith Edition

AudioDescription=Well, it’s a little late getting out here… but finally here is the Audio Edition that we talk about my viewing of Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith. But that’s not all folks… download this now… and as a bonus you’ll receive our review of the new Kingdom of Heaven! Here’s a sneak peak – Revenge of the Sith = Really Good. Kingdom of Heaven = Sucky.