Uncut Podcast

Audio Edition – September 26th 2005

AudioDescription=Today Doug and I tackle just one issue. The upcoming Halo Movie and a list of reasons why we feel the movie is destined for a long stay in suckville. Now before downloading the show, let me preface it by stating I love video games and I really really really hope I’m wrong. I hope Halo The Movie turns out fantastic… and I’ll come on here and be the first to admit I was wrong if that’s how it turns out… but it won’t. It will be terrible and the show explains why.

Audio Edition – September 23rd 2005

AudioDescription=Today Doug and I discuss different ideas that theaters can implement to make going to the movies more enjoyable, the fact that we, the movie going audience, are often the ones to blame for Hollywood making some really stupid movies, a tangent about the George Clooney Batman film (oh man that was sooo bad), the fact that the British Military is now for hire to movie studios (something I find really scary) and a few things more.

Audio Edition – September 22nd 2005

AudioDescription=Today Doug and I talk about MONEY. To be more specific, the fact that the movie business is all about money… and that’s a GOOD thing. We also discuss the fact that studios need to make fewer films and stop making so much crap. Hugh Jackman wins the Netflix survey for “who should be the next Bond”, Jessica Alba locked in for 3 Fantastic Four films (if they make that many) and a few things more.

Audio Edition – September 21st 2005

AudioDescription=Today, Doug and I discuss our new iPod Nanos for a minute… just because it’s fun. We also talk about some of our favorite movie memorabilia that we’d like to own if money was no object, the upcoming release of Serenity that both Doug and I think will be great, the upcoming release of The Corpse Bride which Doug thinks will be great… but not so much myself, the propetual Mess X-Men 3 seems to find itself in, the casting for a new Fletch movie and a few things more!

Audio Edition – September 20th 2005

AudioDescription=Today Doug and I discuss the Playstation PSP and it’s use for playing UMD movies. It’s just a passing fad that won’t even last the next 18 months. We also take some time to talk about the fact that I wasn’t able to review the Exorcism of Emily Rose because ignorant loud mouth idtiots infested the movie theater I was in and would shut their stupid mouths because they thought the rest of us wanted to constantly hear their witty banter. DIE!!!! We also cover some Simpsons movie news, the fact that George Clooney won’t be the voice of Optimus Prime and a few things more.

Audio Edition – Sunday September 18th 2005

AudioDescription=Today Doug and I review Cry Wolf and the new nicolas Cage flick Lord of War (here’s a sneak preview… we both loved it!). We also take some time to talk about why horror films that aren’t rated “R” are doomed to fail. Add on top of that some talk about Jenny McCarthy’s new film Dirty Love and the huge mistake that it is to hire Ashton Kutcher as the new Ash in the Evil Dead remake. All this and a fe things more.

The Audio Edition – Friday September 16th 2005

AudioDescription=Today Doug and I talk about the upcomig video game movie “DOOM”. Is it doomed to fail? What we think of the trailers and media we’ve seen so far and how we think it’ll do overall. We also talk about video game movies in general. Why do they almost always (if not always) fail?). Does HALO the movie have any chance of being any good at all? What video games do we think stand a chance of being ok movie adaptations?

The Audio Edition – Thursday September 15th 2005

AudioDescription=Today, Doug and I are joing via Google IM voice messenger by Shannon Wegner. Shannon is not only the lead vocalist of Whoosh (the band that plays the opening music used on The Audio Edition, but is also an amazing 3d visual effects artist having worked on such films as SIN CITY, Gothica, Good Boy, Spy Kids 2 (the list goes on and on). Together the three of us talk about the summer films that did well and not so well at the box office, Visual Effects films that have stuck with us, Constantine and the chances for a sequel and Shannon talks a little bit about the process of doing 3D effects on a film. All this and a few things more.

The Audio Edition – Monday September 12th 2005

AudioDescription= Today, Doug and I discuss Richard’s story of the announcemnt of the new “Special” Sin City DVD with tons of special features and how we’re getting sick and tired of these companies blackmailing us… the fans… into purchasing multiple versions of their DVDs. We also look at the discussion of “Who are the best actors working today” and about how much hate mail I get because I don’t include Al Pachino or Robert DeNiro o nmy list. Finally we chat about the fact that Superman Returns is apparently going to cost $250 million to make. Isn’t that crazy? All this and a few things more.

The Audio Edition Vol 37

AudioDescription= This week we look at one issue. The question is “How does one deinfe what an Indie Film is”? The two sides in the debate are 1) An Indie film is a movie made apart from the major Hollywood studio. 2) An Indie Film is a movie made outside of the sphere of Hollywood. Joining us this week are the guys from the fantastic website SpaceJunk.Org to partake in the debate.

Audio Edition Vol 36

AudioDescription= This week, Doug and I disvcuss Doug’s upcoming web project, the triumphant return of Mr. T to the movie world in Rocky 6, Bruce Almighty 2 being changed to Evan Almighty, the continuing troubles over at Disney, a little about A Serise of Unfortunate Events, the fact that Terry Gilliam totally choked on Brother Grimm and the myth that Indie Films are as good as Hollywood films. All this and a whole bunch more.