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SO! The news came out over the weekend that Hollywood’s very own Tom Hardy has signed on to take on the role of Venom in the upcoming “Sony’s Marvel Universe” film. We have absolutely no idea what the latter means but the former is plenty of reason for excitement. This … [Read More]

Movie Alert!

The Dinner is a really awesome movie that’s currently playing in theaters, but isn’t garnering the attention that it should. I previously covered it on here in my spring movie review and in my movies of the week. It is running in select theaters right now. I highly encourage you to … [Read More]

Tupac’s Poem

So the guys behind the All Eyez On Me film sent me a clip from the movie that I haven’t seen shared too many places and I put a video together mainly because I’m such a huge Tupac fanboy and I want everyone to see the things I appreciated about his … [Read More]