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Devil Wears Prada 2

The Devil Wears Prada Again: Streep and Blunt Back for Sequel!

Get ready for a blast from the past, fashion fans! A sequel to the iconic “Devil Wears Prada” is officially in the works, reuniting the formidable Meryl Streep and scene-stealing Emily Blunt. That’s right, Miranda Priestly is coming back, and ...
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#RIPCartoonNetwork: Saved Us Back in The Day, Now Needs Saving?

In a world where animation has always been a comfort food for our eyes, it’s heartbreaking to see #RIPCartoonNetwork trending. But what’s cooking behind the scenes? Remember that mini-golden age of cartoons during the pandemic? We’re talking epic shows like ...
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Top 10 Vampire Horror Movies To Watch

Bloodthirsty, pale-faced with sporting fangs; vampires are dreadful and inhumanely scary. Luckily, they’re fictional, so you don’t need to shield your neck whenever a ghoulish creature busts out sharp fangs.  If you’re craving a good vampire feature, then Robert Eggers ...
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Matt Reeves Batman universe police.

Arkham Asylum TV Series Shelved

Hold onto your bats, Bat-fans! That Arkham Asylum TV series we were all buzzing about? The much-anticipated “Batman Arkham Asylum” series on Max has hit a roadblock. But don’t worry, Gotham’s dark and twisted hospital for the criminally insane might still ...
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Avatar The Last Airbender Netflix

Netflix’s ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’ Season 2 Returns to Vancouver

If you’re an “Avatar: The Last Airbender” fan, buckle up because Netflix is bringing more of Aang and his gang’s adventures in the highly anticipated second season. Production for “Avatar: The Last Airbender” Season 2 kicks off in Vancouver this ...
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Antoine Fuqua Denzel Washington

Denzel Marches on Rome in Netflix’s “Hannibal”

Netflix is gearing up for an epic historical drama titled “Hannibal,” and it’s got all the makings of a must-watch. Denzel Washington steps into the sandals of the legendary Carthaginian general Hannibal Barca, a military mastermind who dared to challenge ...
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What If Season 3

What If… We Said Goodbye after What If Season 3?

Buckle up, True Believers! Remember that wacky animated show where we saw Peggy Carter punch Nazis with a shield and T’Challa became a space pirate? Well, get ready to say “What If…?” to What If Season 3 itself. That’s right, ...
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Blade Runner 2099 Matthew Needham

Blade Runner 2099: Adds Matthew Needham

“Blade Runner,” that trippy movie about replicants and noodle stands has an update. Get ready for a whole new chapter, because a TV series set in the same messed-up universe is coming to Amazon Prime Video. They’re calling it “Blade ...