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Mission Impossible

Mission: Impossible 8: Delayed, Expensive, But Still Cruise-ing Along

Remember “Mission: Impossible,” that franchise where Tom Cruise defies death by clinging to airplanes and jumping off cliffs? Well, the next installment, “Mission: Impossible 8” (or whatever they’re calling it now), is stuck in a real-life cliffhanger. This movie has ...
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National Treasure Movie

National Treasure 3: Cage, History Buffs, and a Villain?

Remember “National Treasure,” that movie where Nicolas Cage stole (borrowed?) his way through American history to find hidden treasure? Well, get ready to dust off your decoder rings because there’s a buzz about National Treasure 3! Director Jon Turteltaub spilled ...
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The Mummy

Is Universal Bringing Back “The Mummy”?

Remember that time Brendan Fraser punched a giant scarab beetle in the face? Yeah, that was awesome. We’re talking about “The Mummy,” of course, the 1999 action-adventure flick that sent us on a wild ride through booby-trapped tombs and resurrected ...
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How Music got Free Paramount Plus (1)

Paramount+ Announces Premiere of Docuseries “HOW MUSIC GOT FREE”

Paramount+ has exciting news for music and documentary enthusiasts! The two-part docuseries HOW MUSIC GOT FREE is set to premiere exclusively on the streaming service. In the U.S. and Canada, the series will debut on Tuesday, June 11. Fans in ...
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SWATANTRA VEER SAVARKAR Review: A Different Side Of The Partition

One of India’s greatest character actors, Randeep Hooda, finally turns director with a bio-pic on an Indian revolutionary titled Swatantra Veer Savarkar. The film depicts the life of one of the many people who fought for India’s liberation from the British occupation. With his ...
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28 Years Later Filming Begins

28 Years Later: Filming Begins on Latest Horror Masterpiece

Hold onto your butts, folks, because Danny Boyle is back with a vengeance. The acclaimed director has officially started filming “28 Years Later” in the north-east of England, and the excitement is palpable. With stars like Jodie Comer, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, ...