Movie Reviews

Adventureland Review

Thanks for checking out our Adventureland review. In the months leading up to the release of Adventureland, I’ve never understood why the marketing machine wasn’t putting a lot more emphasis on the fact that Greg Mottola (also directed Superbad) had written and directed it, or that Twilight superstar Kristen Stewart … [Read More]

Watchmen Review

Thanks for checking out our Watchmen Review. For years, Watchmen has been the one graphic novel that most comic book fans have been waiting for with insane anticipation. Very few other graphic novel properties held as much potential to be a classic movie… and yet at the same time no … [Read More]

Gran Torino Review

Thanks for checking out our Gran Torino review. If the planet earth had to anoint one grand imperial “Alpha Male”, it wouldn’t be Chuck Norris, it wouldn’t be Mr. T, it wouldn’t be Bruce Campbell and it wouldn’t even be Batman. It would be Clint Eastwood. And let me tell … [Read More]

Frost/Nixon Review

Thanks for checking out our Frost/Nixon Review There is something about historical films that I just can’t resist… especially modern history that may be JUST before my time. Movies about events I had always heard about but didn’t really know a lot about. I find these sorts of movies fascinating … [Read More]