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The Book of Eli Review

Thanks for checking out our Book of Eli review. Genre: Action Adventure/Drama Directed by: Albert and Allen Hughes Staring: Denzel Washington, Gary Oldman, Mila Kunis, Ray Stevenson Released: January 15th 2010 THE GENERAL IDEA A post apocalyptic world set 30 years after a nuclear strike has left the world in … [Read More]

Leap Year Review

Thanks for checking out our Leap Year review I know this film came out last week, but with all of you seeing Avatar for the third time you might want to start checking out other movies. Genre: Romantic Comedy Directed by: Anand Tucker Staring: Amy Adams, Matthew Goode, Adam Scott … [Read More]

Astro Boy Review

Thanks for checking out our Astro Boy review. If you’d like to see a video version of our Astro Boy review you can watch it at the bottom of the written review below. Like “Speed Racer” before it, Astro Boy was destined to bomb at the box office. Like Speed … [Read More]

Forgotten Fridays – House

Thanks for checking out our Forgotten Fridays feature. This is a feature to review some older films that maybe you have forgotten about or maybe never got around to seeing that we just want to share. They may not be old, maybe not forgotten, but they are not new. Just … [Read More]