Richard reviews The Island

Title=The Island
Summary=Great plot idea poorly executed in this mindless action movie. There are so many groaning and problematic scenes I really found it hard to enjoy. Coupled with a very poor DVD offering with hidden content that you may well miss, or not as the case may be.

Richard reviews Sky Blue (Wonderful Days)

Title=Sky Blue (Wonderful Days)
Summary=Wonderful visuals with a superb DTS audio track, just let down by a weaker plot and unexplored characters. If you’re an anime fan though, check out those visuals, they are fantastic, especially the work to place and move the camera in scenes.

Richard reviews Munich

Summary=Strong and at times quite brutal, this is a tough and harrowing movie to watch, but ultimately very satisfying. There are a few twee Spielberg moments, and a slight feeling of being a little lost towards the end of the movie, but overall it’s a superb piece of work. Visually it gives the impression of the time, with costume and filming work shining, then there’s the excellent writing and great performances from some of the leads. Well worth watching, but again, not an easy film to watch.

Richard reviews Walk the Line

Title=Walk the Line
Summary=There’s nothing but praise for this movie, the actors give excellent performances individually and together showing great chemistry, and strongly backed by a very good cast. Then there’s the superb writing and that very satisfying circular story, filled with superbly visualised shots. The music is superb and gives such weight to that opening sequence. This is a stunningly good film, if you weren’t a Cash fan before, watch out.

UK abandoned by Film Producers

Despite the UK beating the downward global trend in box office profits. It seems that Production companies are leaving the UK in droves, even though that upward trend has been hugely helped by UK productions. I like the sense in that. The Guardian have the reasons why, and it’s those … [Read More]

Richard reviews Match Point

Title=Match Point
Summary=Not liking Woody Allen I was surprised that I liked this movie, and just how good it is. It’s very real with some excellently scripted moments, and the turning point of this movie is a huge surprise, nothing that you’d expect from Allen. Johansson is very strong as is the rest of the British supporting cast, although Rhys-Meyers does disappoint somewhat. Excellent movie though.