Richard reviews Fantastic Four

Title=Fantastic Four
Summary=Good light, entertainment. This is a popcorn movie and not something meaty or thoughtful. Well paced, good fun and funny. Chiklis, Evans and McMahon are great to watch. Although it’s not a Batman or Spiderman, it’s not as bad as it’s made out.

Gay Actors In Hollywood

In Hollywood it seems there is never a moment when a good “Is he gay?” debate isn’t going on. As a culture we’re obsessed with our celebrities. As a culture we’re also obsessed with sexuality. Add to that the fact that as a culture we’re also obsessed with gossip. Put … [Read More]

Richard reviews Batman Begins

Title=Batman Begins
Summary=A fantastically written story and wonderfully brought to the big screen. Despite the very poorly filmed action sequences the movie shows an excellent return for the Batman and turning to the true Dark Knight for its inspiration. This does for the movie series what Batman: Year One has done to the graphic novels, told the definitive story of the birth of Batman and the characters around him.

Bruce Campbell, successful author

Title=Bruce Campbell – If Chins Could Kill: Confessions of a B Movie Actor
Summary=A good book, entertaining and a real eye opener for anyone thinking of entering the same profession , be it in front of the camera, or behind.

The Aviary

Title=The Aviary
Summary=A difficult movie to associate with unless you understand the life of the Flight Attendant, but there are some interesting moments and it does get across the hard and lonely life they can face. Some weak acting and unsympathetic characters don’t help the movie any.

Cinderella Man – What Went Wrong?

So what went wrong with Cinderella Man? From a film making perspective… NOTHING AT ALL. Cinderella man is a first rate film (not a “best picture” film, but really solid nonetheless) with an Oscar winning cast, an Oscar winning director and a totally magnificent story. The critics are praising it, … [Read More]

John Reviews Batman Begins 8/10

Title=Batman Begins
Summary=In this film, Batman is truly a dark character. Vicious, angry, fear inducing. When Bruce puts on the cowl and cape his true self comes out. This is the Batman film that Batman fans have been waiting to see.