Richard reviews the Saw II soundtrack

Title=Saw II Original Motion Picture Sountrack
Summary=A strong soundtrack comprising a range of metal bands from the softer tunes of Queens of the Stone Age over to the hard and unforgiving rage of Sevendust, a song that truly blasted me away. The easier side of metal is very evident here, and for me it was the more enjoyable side with a good three or four songs being good enough to make it onto my playlist. The rest is hard and unforgiving, if you like your metal, this album is a good choice.

Richard reviews Wallace & Gromit in The Curse of the Were-Rabbit

Title=Wallace & Gromit in The Curse of the Were-Rabbit
Summary=Superbly rich and very funny entertainment with jokes and references for all ages. This is possibly the best and definitely biggest outing for Wallace & Gromit. Filled with lovable characters to whom you get attracted without realising, and some of the bizarrest storylines and inventions you’ll ever see. Superb comedy, excellent fun, I can’t fault it.

Most disturbing death scene?

I just read a very short article over at Entertainment Weekly where the critic answers readers questions, and they were asked what the most disturbing death scene is, they answered in an unusual way: it’s hard to beat the childhood-scarring trauma of one hand-drawn deer’s demise in Bambi, with innocence … [Read More]

Is Jessica Alba Overrated?

I’m sure there aren’t many people on the planet who would deny the pure sex appeal of Jessica Alba. The woman is sexy. She’s beyond sexy. She’s a total marvel. She’s got the hot brooding seductress thing that Angelina Jollie has… and yet the sweet innocent girl next door thing … [Read More]

Should Actors Get Royalties?

Now that the new video iPod and iTunes 6 give the user the ability to download TV shows for a small price ($1.99), an interesting problem is brewing. And it’s the worst kind of trouble… Union trouble. You see, according to CTV.ca, actors and writers are lining up and asking … [Read More]