John Reviews Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith (7 out of 10)

Title=Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith
Summary=I really enjoyed watching Revenge of the Sith. It is a strong film with a strong story, great effects and much improved dialog (with the exception of anything with Padmé in it). Star Wars fans should be quite happy… and non-Star Wars fans will enjoy as well.


You even notice how much your expectations of a film effect how much you enjoy it when you finally see it? You know what I mean. You think a movie that your girlfriend is dragging you to will totally suck, and then because it was “ok”, you actually walked out … [Read More]

Record Profits for Hollywood

So some really interesting numbers have just come out. It looks like Hollywood has enjoyed a record breaking year as far as generated revenue goes. Profits from video sale are up 10%, and despite the fact that it was a really weak year for blockbuster films, box office totals were … [Read More]

Is VIP cinema seating needed?

There’s an interesting article in The Guardian today about VIP cinema seating being introduced in America. Typically they are talking about things such as: …extra-wide, VIP leather seats – no arm-rest sharing here – and private concession stands. Some other theater chains offer valet parking and fine dining… …glasses of … [Read More]

William Hurt

There are some actors that for the life of me I can’t figure out why are so popular. And then on the other hand there are some REAL actors who I can’t figure out why don’t get the true respect they deserve. Take William Hurt for a moment. This guy, … [Read More]