What Went Wrong With Cars?

I almost feel silly asking “What went wrong with Cars?” after it made over $60 million on it’s opening weekend. I mean come on! $60 million is a HUGE number by just about any ones standard. But apparently not for Pixar. A 77% on Rotten Tomatoes is great for just … [Read More]

Remakes – Good Idea Bad Idea

The topic of remakes always gets people wound up pretty tight. Yesterday this issue came up again with the announcement that New Line is about to launch a project to remake the Asian masterpiece “Battle Royale”. Most people seem to take a really negative stance when it comes to the … [Read More]

Rendering Cars Ain’t Fast

Back when I was a producer at a Visual Effects Company in Western Canada, one of the constant struggles we had when working with a deadline was not doing the actuall artistic work… but rather how on earth… once the artistic work is done… to get everything rendered in time. … [Read More]