Best Gothika review yet

Ok, for the record I think this movie looks more decrepit than Michael Jackson√¢‚Ǩ‚Ñ¢s face. I came across this great quote from Wesley Morris of the Boston Globe: “This is a D-list starlet’s movie, something that should have ended up in Denise Richards’s lap.” Besides Robert Downey Jr. making a … [Read More]


Plans are in the works to have a new Goonies movie and some rumours were flitting about that it was going to be called the GROONIES. Aint it cool news reports: Been poking around a bit on this whole “Groonies” thing… it just doesn’t sound right, and sure enough it … [Read More]

Jurassic Park 4 File this

Jurassic Park 4 File this one under the heading of mixed feelings. I love the Jurassic Park series, but Jurassic Park 3 was an incredible let down. I’m not really sure how they can do a part 4. Ooooo… they get stranded on an island with dinosaurs… AGAIN. Haven’t we … [Read More]

When will we see another

When will we see another “Smart” action film? My friend Trevor and I were watching David Letterman tonight when a trailer for the new film S.W.A.T came on. Trevor rolled his eyes and said “Oh that is going to suck”. Jumping to the films defense I boldly claimed that “Oh … [Read More]