Trailer: House At The End Of The Street

HOUSE AT THE END OF THE STREET, the upcoming thriller starring Jennifer Lawrence, Elisabeth Shue and Max Thieriot.  When Elissa begins a relationship with the boy next door, the closer they get, the deeper they’re all pulled into a mystery more dangerous than they ever imagined. Watching the trailer thoughts automatically go to horror … [Read More]

Kickstart Cockroaches

A while back we posted a trailer for an indie film called Cockroaches, what we didn’t tell you is that the film hasn’t been made, there was only a trailer. Fan funded films(games/inventions/etc) are all the rage these days and I for one think its an awesome way to fund a project. If you have … [Read More]

Avengers 1978

Found this over at Live for Film… Just watch its awsome! A fantastic mashup of various things gives us The Avengers of 1978. I love the fact they use Hawkeye from M.A.S.H. and Peter Wyngarde as Tony Stark is genius. The Avengers together for the first time in this 1978 … [Read More]

Happy Birthday David!

I have long dreamt of replacing myself and all writers on TheMovieBlog with a more efficient work force unhindered by pesky human flaws! Imagine the possibilities. If Ripley taught us anything aside from things-popping-out-through-your-ribcage being a bad thing it’s that you shouldnt trust these sneaky androids. Unless they are named … [Read More]

Trailer: Cockroaches

Greedy bordello owners, shady black market traffickers, trailer park savages, flower shop arms dealers, seasoned scam artists, and a dysfunctional family, plot, swindle and collide with each other to get what they want. All in the name of greed. And in a world where people are being drugged to have … [Read More]

Poster: Safety not Guaranteed

From the producers of Little Miss Sunshine (as the poster proudly announces) comes “Safety Not Guaranteed” starring Aubrey Palaza (Parks & Recreation), Mark Duplass (The League) and Karan Soni.  If you havent already I highly recommend checking out the trailer.     When an unusual classified ad inspires three cynical … [Read More]

Trailer: Lovely Molly

SYNOPSIS: When newlywed Molly Reynolds returns to her long-abandoned family home, frightful reminders of a nightmarish childhood begin seeping into her new life. She soon begins an inexorable descent into an evil that blurs the lines between psychosis and possession. Horror is a genre that I normally do not care … [Read More]