Anthony Whyte

New Fast 5 trailer

The latest entry in the Fast and the Furious is quickly building up steam, and the latest trialer is bringing that high octane excitement that we’ve come to expect at this point, and throwing in a Rock to shake things up a bit. Source: Slashfilm Not much else they have … [Read More]

Arnie’s dilemma

Returning to film may elicit tougher decisions than politics as the most interesting decision for the ex-governor, in my recent memory, is what he will do next. Fans have been following news of his return and his every move for his “decision” like a bad spoof of a LeBron James … [Read More]

Super trailer

The trailer for Rainn Wilson’s first attempt at being a super hero is circulating the web, and I couldn’t help myself but laugh at some of the silliest super hero antics I’ve seen in a while. At first I wasn’t interested and wrote this off as a wannabe Kick-Ass with … [Read More]

Teaser: Puss in Boots

I have to admit that I really liked the first Shrek movie. Not so much with the sequels, but still enjoyable. I particularly enjoyed the addition of Antonio Banderas as ‘Puss in Boots’, so I was interested in the idea of Dreamworks letting his character become the centerpiece of his … [Read More]